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4 Things Every Band Should Consider Before Ordering Merch

With the end of the pandemic in sight, many touring artists are thinking about hitting the road again.

Although restrictions are easing around the world and some festivals and concerts are going ahead as usual, social distancing requirements may still limit capacity for indoor venues and outdoor events alike.

With fewer tickets sold at your next show, your merch table should take center stage at your next gig. Here are four ways you can sell more merch at your next show.

1.  Choose Screen Printing Over Other Options

When it comes to printing tees, you usually have a choice between vinyl and screen printing.

Vinyl t-shirt printing involves cutting pieces of colored vinyl to match your t-shirt design. It’s then transferred to your t-shirt using heat. Screen printing, on the other hand, uses stencils to transfer your design onto a tee.

So why would you prioritize custom screen printing services over vinyl when ordering your custom shirts in bulk? There are a few reasons:

  1. Details: Each color gets its own stencil, which increases the accuracy and vibrancy of your prints.
  2. Fading: Screen-printed designs are less likely to fade than vinyl, so your fans will still wear your merch years down the line.
  3. Quantity: Screen printing is ideal for bulk orders that fill a merch table, while vinyl printing is better used for making one or two shirts.

2. Ensure Your Screen Printing Company Offers Free Shipping

Generally speaking, ordering your custom shirts in bulk is a good way to save some coin on your merch. However, you’ll want to watch out for shipping and handling charges. These can easily turn an affordable printing job into an exorbitant cost for your band.

The best screen printing companies offer free estimates, free delivery, and no setup fees. Double check that the company you partner with can guarantee the same; this will help you protect your profit margins.

3. Think Carefully About Sizing

Even your best t-shirt design won’t earn you the big bucks if you don’t make it available in the right sizes. Admittedly, it can be challenging to decide what sizes you need if you order custom shirts in bulk.

Unlike your on-demand t-shirt sales generated on your site, you have to bulk print t-shirts in advance of your gig. Medium and large are the two biggest sellers in both Europe and North America, with XL being a close runner-up. The majority of your bulk order should include these sizes so that you don’t run out at the venue.

However, you’ll still want to carry XS, S, and XXL (albeit in fewer numbers) to make sure no one leaves your show empty-handed.

4. Narrow in on Colors

While bulk t-shirt printing makes it easy to create tees in every color of the rainbow, there’s no need to offer this much variety on your merch table. Sticking to plain white tees could help you save money when you buy wholesale custom shirts.

White tees are less expensive to print than darker colors. And by restricting your custom t-shirts to white, you’ll reduce the chance you accidentally choose an unpopular color that doesn’t sell.

Good Luck

It’s hard out there for touring artists, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Plenty of festivals have already sold out, and venues are re-opening. Getting your merch prepared before your first show back can make up for lost ticket sales.

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