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Tiff’s Tips: 5 Tips for Success

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 21 – Fall 2022

Work on mastering your entire fretboard: 

Lots of magical fun unlocks when you begin to understand and know your entire fretboard for the grid that it is. With anything, when you fully understand something, a level of comfortability is reached, and mastery sets in. You paid for your entire guitar, so learn it. 🙂 

Learn the song parts of other instruments on your guitar: 

Team work! Not only does learning the other instruments’ parts on yours help you offer a more complete and creative presentation in your role, but your band mates (if applicable) will hear and appreciate your support of adding in nuances of their parts. Just don’t overdo it 🙂 

Invest in your online presence:

Just as hard as you practice, your energy, effort, and work ethic should be mirrored in your online presence. You are a brand!

Chart every song that you learn:

You never know when a song that you played a year ago will circle back to you to have to perform again. Chart the song the first time, and spend less time “learning” it again later.

Make self-care, nutrition, and rest part of your music regimen: 

Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, and more A-list entertainers will tell you in a heartbeat that in order to survive, let alone thrive in the music industry, as an entertainer, you MUST make proper nutrition and rest as much of a priority as showing up to your lobby call on time. Period. Start today jotting down your changes and plans to make your daily routine more excellent! 


As one of the industry’s top bass performers, Tiffany Lloyd is known across the globe for her instrumental mastery. Having founded TiffsBass in 2011, the artist, entrepreneur, creator, director, performer, and songwriter has pivoted her passions into a profitable and purposeful business. Tiffany’s fans experience the promotion of love and positivity through her performances, developing a heightened sense of awareness for the messages her music communicates.

Today, the bass-playing boss has grown her business from a passion project to a successful entertainment business.

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