Sunday, February 25, 2018
Larkin Poe, the Atlanta-based sister duo, recently released their debut CD, "Kin," which has received stellar reviews by Entertainment Weekly, Uncut, The Telegraph, The Guardian, to name a few.  Rebecca Lovell is the lead singer/guitarist, and also plays the mandolin and...
She might look like your quintessential girl next door from Seattle, but Dagna Silesia is anything but. She’s rocked stages across the country with some of metal’s heaviest acts like Nevermore and Warrel Dane's solo band, and currently plays for The People Now and Ghost Ship Octavius. And as if that isn’t baddass enough, she also owns her own guitar repair shop that she tends to when off the road. We managed to get a hold of Dagna recently and spoke to her about her life, her music, and her love of guitars.
Guitar One Magazine once named her one of the fastest shredders of all time and her onstage BDSM and shock-rock inspired onstage persona could give Alice Cooper a run for his money. But it’s hard to imagine that The Great Kat, born Katherine Thomas, spent her childhood dreaming of bringing classical music to the world as a performer and composer.
Singer-songwriter and guitarist Ashley Riley from Illinois released her new single "See You Around" in August as a follow-up to her earlier album All The Pretty Things. The album was written as a result of a falling out with...
Singer/songwriter Jessica Campbell is set to release her third album, appropriately titled III, on October 7. It’s been described as one of her “poppiest” albums to date, but Campbell insists that she wrote it the old-fashioned way – with an acoustic guitar.
It was a chance meeting at a pub in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. As I was sitting at the bar, I overheard a couple next to me chatting about their recording session. After hearing her talking about playing the guitar, I politely introduced myself and Guitar Girl Magazine to the girl sitting next to me.
Reprinted with Permission - Madame Metal Blog
Swedish born Nikki O’Neill is a professional guitarist, instructor and author who recently released her book Women’s Road to Rock Guitar. Guitar Girl Magazine was able to catch up with the ever spinning jet set rocker to get to know more about just who she is.
In the Wilson sisters’ 2012 autobiography Kicking & Dreaming, Ann Wilson described Sue Ennis as “the dearest friend Nancy or I have ever had.”
Juliette Jules is an extremely talented singer/songwriter from Paris, France. She also plays guitar, piano and synths. She can speak to a young audience and also brings back the classic sound of past generations. Juliette has recently released her debut EP ‘Black Crow’ to coincide with her 16th birthday. Here is her interview for Guitar Girl Magazine:
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