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Lisa Loeb’s release of Release of No Fairy Tale a Fairy Tale for Longtime Fans

Grammy-nominated and prolific singer-songwriter, Lisa Loeb, has come a long way with successful longevity of pure and authentic music since the day she debuted “Stay,” the single that would have people mentioning her name for years to come. Stay‘” was not only a #1 single, it was also the theme song to the indie-hit film, Reality Bites.With what is rare in an ever-evolving and cutthroat industry, Lisa has managed to stay true to her musical roots and continues to experiment with her sound. Even more incredible to have under her belt is that she is still the only artist to have a Number 1 single without having a signed recording contract. Her talent also extends to all areas of the arts, including film, television, voice-over work, and children’s recordings. With the release of her new album, 2013 is going to be a year of successful feats for Lisa. She is debuting her second children’s book, Lisa Loeb’s Songs For Moving and Shaking, which will release in April. Loeb is also debuting an eyewear line, in conjunction of her partnership with Classique Eyewear, which will aptly be titled Lisa Loeb Eyewear.

On “No Fairy Tale,” Lisa weaves a classic story with each song, yet with her sharp lyrics provides a plethora of songwriting depth. The album reminds me a bit of pop-punk, although it has more of a pop sound, but Loeb made sure there were plenty of guitar chords to suffice the pop-sugar goodness of the songs. She colloborated with producer, Chad Gilbert, best known for his work with punk-rock band New Found Glory. Longtime fans of each other’s work, the collaboration was a win-win with a cohesive and structural working relationship. Her fellow collaborations with Morgan Taylor, Chuck Wolverton, and Marvin Etzioni were just as tight knit. Longtime fans of Lisa will find themselves enveloping themselves in this album, listening to these songs repeatedly for years to come. Loeb is emotionally strong on singles, “Weak Day,” “Swept Away,” and “Ami, I’m Sorry”. She’s tart and sassy on “The 90’s, “No Fairy Tale,” and “A Hot Minute”. The album is released by 429 Records.

“No Fairy Tale” released stateside today, January 29th, and will be released nationally, February 5th, 2013.

Tracklisting with my personal favorites:

1. No Fairy Tale

2. The 90’s- *Personal Pick

3. Weak Day- *Personal Pick

4. Walls

5. A Hot Minute- *Personal Pick

6. Sick, Sick, Sick

7. Matches

8. Married

9. Swept Away- *Personal Pick

10. He Loved You So Much

11. Ami, I’m Sorry- *Personal Pick

12. The Worst

13. First Day of My Life (Bonus Track)- *Personal Pick

Lisa will be going on tour in March to promote her latest album. Check out her tour dates HERE. She will be on Jay Leno performing the title track, “No Fairytale,” on January 31st, as well as on Conan O’Brien February 18th.

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