What a fantastic book! A continuation from Andy Babiuk's glorious Beatles Gear.
Author Julie Chadwick has written a book that is interesting on multiple levels: First, this is book about Saul Holiff, a man from Canada who became the Manager of a Man from Arkansas, and second, it’s about a singer,...
Oliver Hibert is known for his trance-like, eye catching photography and work. His neo-psychedelic work has graced album covers, magazine covers, rock videos, shoes, clothing, among numerous other items. Hibert's clients include The Flaming Lips and Nike. Hibert has photographed...
What a pleasure it was to review this complete history of Paul Reed Smith Electric guitars by Dave Burrluck from Backbeat Books and Hal Leonard. 
This is the paperback version of the comprehensive publication of 108 Rock Star Guitars by photographer Lisa S. Johnson that was released last year. The hard cover edition is a beautiful leather bound decorative piece of art that is full of rock history with photographs of the instruments of some of music's legendary iconic guitarists that is perfect for the coffee table in the center of a main room or a great addition to the library of any guitar enthusiast’s home. 
GUITAR FINGERS: Essential Technique in Pictures by Ashkan Mashhour points the way for you to learn and master expert guitar playing techniques.
In The Spotlight: Over 100 Voices in Music 
“A Scrapbook of Artifacts, Treasures, and Inside Information”