Sound awesome at any volume
There are three basic types of players in the guitar universe. First you have the casual players who just want to be able to jam along to a few of their favorite songs with their friends. Then you have the moderately serious players who actually get pretty good at the instrument, join a band and sometimes even make a career out of this. And then you have the guitar fanatics. The Malmsteens, the Hendrixs and the Steve Vais. And for them playing guitar is not just a hobby or a career. It is a religion. And like Moses and his Ten Commandments for the Israelites, there are Ten Commandments that we at Guitar Girl Magazine think that every aspiring guitarist should follow.
You know as a guy I’m in no way an expert or an authority on makeup, but a few years ago while watching my girlfriend at the time try out all kinds of funky makeup tricks, I realized that when done right, it’s actually an incredibly fascinating form of art. And while watching her learn to do all these crazy things with her eye liners and her eye shadows, I realized that there were actually quite a few simple lessons that I could learn from her as a guitarist.  
Honestly there has never been an easier time to learn to play the guitar, or any other instrument for that matter. From the very basics to the most advanced techniques of guitar playing, there are literally thousands, if not millions, of resources out there on the internet that can help you realize your guitar ambitions. However, there is still a lot to be said for signing up for some old-school guitar lessons. And there are a few things that you need to look for when picking a teacher. Today, Guitar Girl dives into the seven most important qualities that you should look for in a guitar teacher.
A couple of decades ago, learning to play the guitar without the help of an instructor would have been daunting at best. But these days the internet and the thousands of eBook, audio, software and video based guitar learning resources on it have made this type of teacher-less learning not only possible but also an increasingly popular choice amongst beginner guitar students. But is learning guitar online the right choice for you? In today’s article, Guitar Girl runs you through the pros and cons of online guitar learning.
With the gabillions of dollars spent on marketing guitars, it’s no wonder so much of people’s attention is focused on them. I openly admit there is good reason for it but without a respectable guitar rig made up of the right amp for you, some cool pedals and the necessary accessories, it can’t make much sound by itself.
You…a Rock Guitar Goddess. The crowds wait to cheer your name and your future history is destined to become legend. But how do you ascend from the “you” of today to "Rock Guitar Goddess" status of tomorrow? Of course, there...
Coming up in Atlanta within the next few months we’ve got the Shaky Knees Festival at Atlantic Station along with Music Midtown in Piedmont Park.  A great line-up at festivals like these is going to attract a lot of people.  But in this article, here are some helpful hints to make you stand apart from the crowd.  Prepare yourself like it’s nobody business! You will look like the professional music-goer when it comes to battling unpredictable weather, de-hydration, sunburn and those over-flowing port-o-potties. 
Guitarist Cecilia Villar Eljuri recently released "Eljuri on Guitars" on SoundCloud as a three-part educational series created to provide tips and advice for inspiring people to find their "inner voice" and to pick up a guitar a play. According to...
OK, your band has finally starting to get more gigs which is really awesome. That feeling you get when you’re having a good show is beyond amazing. Of course, it’s a huge bummer if something breaks down which stops the show. So you definitely want to be prepared to be able to make a quick fix so you can keep on rocking.