Guitar Gabby on Being a BOSS: Part 4 Endorsements & Building Your Brand

Part four in a twelve-part series, where Guitar Gabby walks us through her journey of “Being a Boss,” and shares insights and tips for other women to pursue their dream of becoming a boss. ©Gabriella Logan

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Let’s talk endorsements and brand! I often get questions from people about how to get endorsed with their favorite companies. My go-to answer is not always as black and white as many would like, but it’s part of the truth if you want to get on the path to a potential endorsement.

Branding is everything. Having a brand really helps to solidify your image, your style, and, eventually, what people remember about you when they see or hear your name. I stumbled into my brand some years ago after realizing my favorite color (neon green) was connecting my audiences directly to my overall brand and global movement. Adding my neon green guitar from ESP was the perfect touch, and over time, I learned the best ways to incorporate green into virtually everything I do. I learned how to use the color and make it applicable in all of my looks, logos, etc. The reason why this is so important is because you want people to recognize your sound and look even if you aren’t around. 

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Here is another example: Beyoncé is known for many things, one of those brand identifiers being those fabulous leotards she wears on stage. She literally has hundreds of looks, styles, colors, moods, etc. She has perfected the art of incorporating something as familiar as a leotard into a brand identifier that fans can always expect to see when Beyoncéhits the stage. It keeps the fans on edge because at every show we are looking to see what she is wearing for which songs.

How is this relevant to endorsements? Well, most companies are in the business of making money. Companies in the music manufacturing industry make money in many different ways, but we are going to look at marketing and endorsement deals. In any given magazine, you will find branded images from Schecter to ESP, EMG, Ernie Ball, and others. These images typically have artists that endorse the company that can directly link the consumer or potential buyer directly back to the company via their influence. 

This helps all parties involved, from the consumer who is being introduced to a brand they either already know or didn’t know about, to the manufacturing company who is gaining a potentially new consumer base, and the endorsed artist who is gaining more accolades by being featured in campaigns in front of a broad audience.

The takeaway here is that thinking about your brand, creating your brand, and investing in your brand benefit you in more ways that one. Spend the time needed to invest in you if you want to succeed! Branding will get you far and will help to build a fanship with your audience and supporters.

Keep going, Sis! You got it. 

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