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Loud Lacquer Announces its Spring 2022 Product Launch

Waco, Texas, USA – Loud Lacquer announces its Spring 2022 Product Launch featuring a
substantial assortment of nail polishes and related accessories. “At jobs past, I often found myself as the only female executive at the table and I grew frustrated at being told by bosses that I was too LOUD and opinionated about what women wanted in the beauty space,” Melody Hammer, President of Loud Lacquer, states boldly and without apology. “I had a vision for a brand that was fun, unexpected, high quality, affordable, environmentally conscious and safe for even the littlest nails. So I embraced my LOUD vision and made it. And now that we have launched it’s no secret what we stand for—a nail polish that is cruelty-free, long-lasting, quick-drying, Vegan, free AF* and female owned. I wanted to show my daughter that no matter how “bossy” she might be, her ideas have value. Trust your gut. Trust your vision. And don’t be afraid to be LOUD.”

The Loud Lacquer product line includes nail polishes such as: Your Mom!, Analysis Paralysis, Murder Mystery, Naughty Christmas, Sedona, Basics, Swinging Good Time, and Babbs Holo to name just a few. Colors include: black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow. Finishes include: glitter, metallic, topper, sheer, shimmer, holographic, crème, splatter and neon

Loud Lacquer prides itself on offering color and style options that bring out the adventurous, creative and rebellious side of our personalities to allow each one of its customers to truly express themselves. This relentless commitment to boldness and creativity makes Loud Lacquer the obvious choice for anyone looking to make a statement about themselves and the world they live in daily.

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