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June 16, 2022 (San Antonio, TX) — Alternative Pop-New Wave singer-songwriter Nina Diaz is set to release her new studio album titled, I Could Be You, You Could Be Me, on Friday, August 18, 2022. Diaz says the album captures her live performance energy, calling it her “most vulnerable and raw release ever.”

I Could Be You, You Could Be Me is about speaking up, facing fears, personal growth, and what is in metaphysical circles called, Shadow Work. Nina Diaz says, “the album title is from a line on the track “Marigold.” When we show true empathy to ourselves, and accept our shadow side, or “dark side” we can build strength from trauma. My weakness can connect with others as well as my strength. When COVID hit my plan of renting studio time to record the album disappeared. Funds got very, very low and I wasn’t sure what to do. Inspiration hit while making ends meet creating personalized, commissioned cover songs for fans. I thought I would only do a few tracks. I ended up doing close to 100 cover songs ranging from artists like Taylor Swift to Led Zeppelin. In this way I created BeatGirlProductions where I recorded and produced my new record.”

The album and supporting live performances feature the duo, Nina Diaz (vocals, guitar; and on the album bass and keys) and Jorge Gonzalez on drums. “It’s perfect to be a two piece for this album because it is all about being vulnerable and clear. What you see and hear, is exactly, totally me in that moment, with nobody to hide behind, or pass the mic to. We plan on staying a two piece — a twist on the White Stripes vibe.”

Nina Diaz has been writing and performing music since she was a child forming the critically acclaimed band Girl In A Coma when she was 13 years old. By the time she turned 17 the band was signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records and released four albums total on the label from 2007 to 2011 the first being Both Before I’m Gone.

Sebastian Krys (Grammy-winning producer) recently told Texas Monthly how he came to meet and work with Nina on the Elvis Costello and The Attractions track “No Action” for the album Spanish Model: “We needed a real powerful singer who would capture the emotion of the song. There aren’t many really great rock and roll singers anymore, and when I heard Nina at an event in Los Angeles, I knew she would nail it. There are very few performers that are as raw and honest as her. She’s pure emotion.”

Nina Diaz’ vocals and songwriting style compares to artists like Bjork, Jeff Buckley, PJ Harvey, Garbage, The Smiths, Patsy Cline, Patti Smith, Hole, Stone Temple Pilots, The Breeders, Alanis Morrisette, Nirvana or Gwen Stefani. As a solo artist (and together with her previous band) she shared the stage with musicians like Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Tegan and Sara, Frank Black and the Catholics, Cyndi Lauper True Colors Tour, Social Distortion, Sia, Toadies, Carla Morrison, Dresden Dolls, David Garza and Alice Bag. Festival appearances include Polish Woodstock, Warped Tour, SXSW and El Cosmico Fest. She has performed live on television for Last Call With Carson Daily and ManiaTV with Dave Navarro.

I Could Be You, You Could Be Me was produced by Nina Diaz who also engineered and mixed the album. It was recorded at BeatGirlProductions in San Antonio, TX and mastered for CD by Jerry at Terra Nova Mastering in Austin, TX. Edited mastering for digital release also by Nina Diaz.  She says “In the past it had always been hard to describe to producers what I hear in my head. Now, I know how to make it happen. There is still so much to learn but at the end of the day I am proud of myself and the art I created with this first self-produced/engineered/mixed album.”

From left, producer Sebastian Krys, vocalist Nina Diaz and musician Elvis Costello reimagined a 1970s classic album.
(Paul Moore/Courtesy of the Artist)

I Could Be You, You Could Be Me track listing:
1. “Give It All You Got”
2. “Silly Situation”
3. “Sympathy”
4. “Get Away”
5. “Holy Mary Mother In Me”
6. “Marigold”
7. “All The Worlds A Stage”
8. “Personality Confession”
9. “This Crazy Feeling”
10. “Chasing Shadows”
11. “Angel Division”
12. “On The Other Side”
13. “Break The News”

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