Blake Red Parades Her Talent on “Follow Me”

Blake Red
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A few minutes ago, alt-rock multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer Blake Red unveiled her brand-new track/music video, entitled “Follow Me.”

Right up-front, know this: Blake Red has beaucoup talent, and “Follow Me” is a humdinger.

Blake Red didn’t simply arrive on the music scene. Rather she exploded with the 2019 release of her debut EP, S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide). At once edgy and revealing, the EP exposed her inner thoughts and emotions to listeners who identified with her candor.

As her music appeared on numerous playlists and climbed the charts, Blake battled her inner demons for authority over her mind and soul. At the beginning of 2021, she disclosed she had admitted herself into a semi-hospitalization program to obtain the help necessary to guard her psychological health.

Now on the mend, she is getting better and stronger every day. “Follow Me” narrates her confrontation with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. In effect, the song is a musical boundary line, declaring her expectation of renaissance.

“Follow Me” opens on low-slung thrumming guitars topped by Blake’s darkly evocative voice, low and urgent. A tight, popping snare and rumbling bassline provides the rhythmic pulse while glistening guitar accents add luminous colors. Then the guitars ramp up, punching out gleaming, muscular textures as Blake’s blistering timbres infuse the lyrics with palpable pressure.

“Follow me / You’ll find out soon / Where the colors may take you / Find me distant in your head / If I could I’d start again / Knowing I could come back then / Should I leave this all unsaid?”

A dazzling, biting guitar solo, simultaneously finessed and knife-like, allows Blake to strut her brilliance and flair on her axe.

Blake Red has it going on! Raw and intimate, “Follow Me” travels from feathery and nuanced to surging snarls of primeval oomph.

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