Caroline Brennan Set To Release Her New EP ‘The Journey’

Caroline Brennan
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Based in Cape Cod, Americana singer-songwriter Caroline Brennan will drop her brand-new EP, The Journey, on May 29, via Zephyr Sound.

Brennan explains, “For me, these five songs symbolize a journey…the bad relationship or situation you are trying to break free of (‘Going Back’), the realization that you need to move on (‘Swim to Shore’), the vacation or escape you need to get away and clear your head (‘Breathe Happy In’), the special place where you find a sense of community and enjoy a memorable night enjoying life (‘No Longer Blue’), and the new chapter with someone new where you bravely jump in and take a chance on love (‘Break All the Rules’).

Growing up in a musical family, she began singing and performing as a young girl. Her songwriting began in earnest after the passing of her father and well-known Irish musician, Noel Henry. She developed her guitar playing and vocal skills performing with her late father’s Irish band, the Noel Henry Band. After 14 years, she left to pursue a more personal musical path, focused on writing, and performing her original songs.

In 2015, Brennan released her debut album, Leap, which received multiple nominations and awards for music and songwriting. Her sound, a blend of Americana and rootsy folk-pop features authentic lyrics and soulful melodies, covering topics of love, heartache, and hope.

Talking about her songwriting, Brennan shares, “I find that I am drawn to writing songs about both sadness and happiness…the light and the dark, because I see value in both.  Without the struggle, we don’t fully appreciate the victory, and having hope can pull us out of despair. We feel, and we learn, and having the good and the bad experiences create balance – they help us recognize the other one when we see it.”

The Journey begins with “No Longer Blue,” rolling out on upbeat country flavors riding a bouncing, alluring rhythm as Brennan’s twangy-lite vocals imbue the lyrics with tasty, buoyant timbres. Layers of gleaming guitars infuse the harmonics with shimmering colors, both tantalizing and creamy.

Entry points include the wistful, melancholic savors of “Swim to Shore,” providing a matrix of dreamy, poignant textures for Brennan’s tender, moving vocals, giving the lyrics tones of aching heartbreak.

“Break All the Rules” travels on glimmering guitars atop a pushing rhythm as Brennan’s velvety, melodic vocals infuse the lyrics with expectant, quixotic aromas.

Wonderfully wrought, The Journey reveals the delicious, drawling voice of Caroline Brennan, captivating listeners with its palpable emotion.

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