Cate Carter Unveils New Single/Music Video “Women Always Know”

Cate Carter
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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and musician Cate Carter recently released her single/music video, “Women Always Know,” a track lifted from her upcoming debut EP, Slightly Out Of Reach, slated to drop on August 11.

Cate Carter
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Carter explains the song is “about a woman’s intuition in knowing she is right about something. In my case, it’s about feeling like my partner was going to leave before he allowed himself to explore the beauty and potential of our relationship. In a way though, it’s a love letter to myself. I was severely bullied in middle school and boys used to call me crazy all the time. Not only taking back the word ‘crazy’ but also having a profound trust in myself was empowering and though everything in me wanted him to stay, I also knew I was going to be okay regardless.”

The forthcoming EP, Slightly Out Of Reach, at once authentic and vulnerable, merges elements of pop, rock, folk, and Americana, conveying the inaccessibility of parts of Carter’s life, including connection, relationships, self-trust, and professional success.

Carter is also an advocate for important causes including intersectional feminism, voting equity and accessibility, accessible sex education, and LGBTQIA rights and protections.

At the age of six, Carter began writing music. Later, in college, she continued writing music while studying history with the goal of becoming a lawyer or therapist. Yet music hovered over her, beckoning. Just prior to graduating, Carter chose to pursue her dream of being a singer-songwriter, realizing that if she didn’t, regret would consume her.

The low-slung intro to “Women Always Know” features gleaming guitars, followed by the entry of Carter’s evocative vocals. The harmonics ramp up to a contagious country-rock melody topped by Carter’s potent tones, imbuing the lyrics with intense passion and twangy-lite flavors.

There’s a delicious alluring edge to Carter’s voice, allowing her to range from soft and tender to belting it out without any hint of abrasive screaming. Just pure, clear sonic oomph delivering a fiery, magical hook.

“You might think I’m crazy, but time will show / That my fears are right ‘cause women always know / Might be paranoid, your thoughts moving slow / To make up your mind and women always know.”

An anthem about the internal strength of women, “Women Always Know” highlights the superbly vibrant voice of Cate Carter.

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