Cliffs and Caves Drops New Single “You Can’t Stop”

Cliffs and Caves
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Mother-daughter Americana duo Cliffs and Caves recently released their new single, “You Can’t Stop” a song about remaining steadfast no matter the circumstances, reminding listeners that God’s plan is immutable.

Based in Texas, and made up of Lindsey and Claire Justice, Cliffs and Caves blends contemporary Americana with intimate lyrics, warm vocals, and smooth melodies. In 2017, the duo released their debut EP, Hold On, followed by their sophomore EP, Capsize, and their 2023 EP, Lost the Trail.

Talking about the inspiration for “You Can’t Stop,” Lindsey Justice shares, “During the early months of Covid, churches were deemed ‘non-essential.’ Even when public worship resumed, many people were instructed that singing wasn’t allowed. At the time, I found it so shocking that Target and Walmart could be found essential – yet our access to gather with our fellow believers to pray and study together was shut down. We wrote this song as a testament to God and his power. Nothing happening in our world can stop His word from going forth into the hearts and minds of people to the end of the earth.”

She adds, “Even though our music has always been focused within the Americana/folk genre, my daughter Claire and I both have a very strong Christian faith that has been a consistent theme in our songs. I have been a worship leader with Community Bible Study for years and Claire has spent the past couple summers between college at Texas A&M serving as a worship leader at Camp OTX in Bandera. Our love for the Lord is so much a part of who we are that we wanted to release this worship song as an expression of our faith in Jesus and the great encouragement we have walking with fellow believers.”

“You Can’t Stop” opens on gleaming guitars riding a swaying, mid-tempo rhythm topped by lush, velvety vocals dripping with passion. On the chorus, the harmonics elevate, giving the tune depth and dimension, while Lindsey and Claire’s voices merge deliciously, backed by soft, glowing vocal harmonies.

Humming with luscious Americana surfaces tinted with suggestions of pop-rock, “You Can’t Stop” showcases the stirring vocals of Cliffs and Caves.

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