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Kalie Shorr on debut album ‘Open Book’: Who, What, Where, When, Why

Who: Country artist Kalie Shorr releases her debut full-length album Open Book today.

What: Open Book is 13 tracks of a glimpse into the life of Shorr and was coproduced with Skip Black.

Where: HERE

When:  September 27, 2019

Why: It’s 13 songs and my first ever full length. It’s my debut record. I’m just really excited about it. I played some of the guitars on the record, and I’m producing, so that’s really cool. Basically, my producer and I, Skip Black, talked about getting back to basics. I’ve done the whole thing with the big shiny, polished, very grandiose recordings. These songs are just so personal and so raw and real that I felt like I just wanted to be in a safe space. So we just locked ourselves in his little one-room studio. Everyone who played on the record is either a member of my live band or a member of Song Suffragettes. So, it’s been really cool to see just how in-the-family it is.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

Open Book Track Listing: 
1. Too Much To Say (Kalie Shorr, Robyn Collins and Ian Christian)
2. Escape (Kalie Shorr and Candi Carpenter)
3. Messy (Kalie Shorr, Jonny Shorr and Katie Stump)
4. The One (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Savannah Keyes)
5. F U Forever (Kalie Shorr, Candi Carpenter and Annie Wildgen)
6. Alice In Wonderland (Kalie Shorr and Candi Carpenter)
7. The World Keeps Spinning (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Robyn Collins)
8. Big Houses (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Savannah Keyes)
9. Gatsby (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Candi Carpenter)
10. Thank God You’re A Man (Kalie Shorr, John Caldwell and Robyn Collins)
11. Vices (Kalie Shorr, John Caldwell and Robyn Collins)
12. Lullaby (Kalie Shorr, Robyn Collins and Will Stone)
13. Angry Butterfly (Kalie Shorr, Simon Reid and Fred Wilhelm)

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