Lauren Lakis Unveils Spellbinding “TAKE MY HAND”

Take My Hand
Photo: Natasha Austrich
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Austin, Texas-based shoegaze/dark rock artist Lauren Lakis introduces her new single/music video, “TAKE MY HAND,” a track lifted from her upcoming album, A Fiesta and a Hell, slated to drop in 2023 via Green Witch Recordings.

Lauren Lakis
Lauren Lakis

Lakis explains that “TAKE MY HAND” is about “forgetting what you thought you knew, letting go, bravely opening your mind to something radically different.”

She goes on, “What if you were wrong? Are you able to admit it? Can you shift with the ever-changing landscape of reality, or are you stuck in your ways? I found myself stepping into the unknown in many ways the past few years, forced to entertain the notion that maybe I didn’t know everything, and in that I found freedom.”

Originally from Baltimore, in 2018, Lakis released her debut album, Ferocious, via Cavity Search Records, followed by her EP, Sad Girl Breakfast. Produced by Billy Burke and engineered by Grammy-winner Chris Kasych, both records received beaucoup airplay and landed on more than 65 Spotify playlists.

Lakis’ 2021 album, Daughter Language, received vast praise from elite outlets, with 1st Day Fresh calling it “a rock gem.”

Having toured all over the West Coast, Lakis has shared the stage with Ringo Deathstarr, Holy Wave, Sea Wolf, Peel Dream Magazine, and Drowse, as well as Grammy-nominated Tracy Bonham. During the pandemic, Lakis performed live-stream shows with Bands In Town, Jam in the Van, B Side TV, Rock to End Rape Culture, KXLU, ACLU, and JuJu Live.

“TAKE MY HAND” opens on swirling, angular guitars flowing into a dark, dreamy rhythm topped by layers of ghostly, gleaming leitmotifs. Lakis’ ethereal vocals imbue the lyrics with haunting timbres, evoking portentous suggestions.

The video depicts Lakis seated in a chair amid a desert-like setting, wearing boots and an alligator hat. The visuals shift to images of exotic animals, followed by surreal cuts of Lakis at a reptile park and then sitting unclothed in a rococo room.

At once spectral and eerily bewitching, “TAKE MY HAND” drifts and glides, offering delicious sensations dripping with primeval urges.

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