LT Releases Sumptuous “How Would It Feel”


Queensland dream-pop singer-songwriter LT, formerly known as Leanne Tennant, reveals her new single, “How Would It Feel,” delving into topics of love, greed, and humanity.


LT explains, “During lockdown, I started thinking about how greedy we’ve become as a human race and how high our expectations are. I think it made me realize just how much we take for granted and that all we really need is our health, the beautiful world around us, and some form of human connection. Everything else is secondary.”

She goes on to add, “‘How Would It Feel’ was born after thinking about life outside of the pandemic and things returning to a new kind of normal and what that would look like. Will we resume our normal way of life, or will our needs and wants continue growing or will we learn something from all of this? I imagined a world where everyone gets everything they’ve ever wanted and how that might change your relationships with others. If you had everything you ever wanted, would you still need the things you wanted before?”

A finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition, the music video for “How Would It Feel” will premiere on Rolling Stone AU on Thursday, September 16. Rolling Stone selected LT’s previous track, “Hold Ya,” as their ‘Song You Need To Know,’ followed by The Guardian featuring the song in ‘Best New Australian Music.’

LT burst onto the music scene in 2014 with the release of Pull Up Your Britches, which received immediate attention, followed by – Red Wine, Late Nights – and Happiness is …, all of which collected Queensland Music Awards.

“How Would It Feel” opens on soft shimmers of color topped by LT’s delicate, rich voice. As the velvety tune assumes gentle rhythmic momentum, LT’s tones create exquisite textures, at once oh so bewitching and elegant as glowing harmonies imbue the tune with shiny, ethereal complexity.

Drenched in tantalizing silky leitmotifs, “How Would It Feel” showcases the luscious, opulent voice of LT, under impeccable lilting control.

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