McGrane & Wallace Release Debut Single/Lyric Video “P.C.H.”

McGrane & Wallace
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Folk-pop duo McGrane & Wallace release their debut single/lyric video, entitled “P.C.H.,” a nostalgia-laden song about the laid-back, golden haze of an endless summer.

Made up of DD McGrane and CJ Wallace, the newly formed duo’s creation was serendipitous. Friends, the two lived across the street from each other for years. After years of marriage and motherhood, DD began to feel a creative itch. Picking up her guitar, “The songs just came pouring out!”

During the pandemic lockdown, DD was scheduled to perform a gig via Zoom. Just before she was to go on, her side of the street suffered a power failure. CJ’s side of the street still had power. Racing across the street, DD set up in CJ’s living room and the performance took place.

While listening to the solid melodies and catchy hooks, CJ began to imagine all the beautiful, harmonic possibilities. She spontaneously blurted out an offer to perform with DD, and without knowing if CJ could actually sing, DD accepted.

Out of a random convergence of circumstances, McGrane & Wallace were formed.  Both are convinced it was all designed by the Fates.

“P.C.H.” rolls out on dreamy, shimmering layers of soft, pastel colors, followed by silky-smooth vocal harmonies as McGrane & Wallace blend their velvety voices. The feel and flow of the tune evoke memories of a sun-drenched California day while driving along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Harking back to the heady days of Laurel Canyon soft rock, “P.C.H” glides on a gentle, throbbing rhythm topped by a sparkling piano and plush strumming guitars. The solo section features a gently drawling guitar, dripping wistful tones.

“Driving with the top down on the highway / Moving with the soft curves of the coast / Feeling like a good time’s gonna find me / I remember this is the place I love the most / Driving with the sunshine right beside me.”

Marinated in luxurious, creamy surfaces of instrumentation and the exquisite voices of McGrane & Wallace, “P.C.H.” hits the sweet spot.

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