Miss Machina Releases Zesty “Like That”

Miss Machina

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Miss Machina, aka Ash Smith, drops the second single, “Like That,” off her forthcoming debut album.

“Like That” follows on the heels of “Rumors,” a tasty pop-laced song drenched in synth-pop colors, riding a driving cadence laced with hints of dance-pop and disco motion.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Smith coined the pseudonym Miss Machina while in college at the Chicago College of Performing Arts studying musical theatre and vocal performance. She finished her degree at SMU in Dallas and graduated with honors, earning a degree in journalism and a minor in voice and songwriting.

After graduating she decided to pursue a career as an independent musician and moved to Los Angeles, where she is currently working on her debut pop album.

Inspired by ‘70s disco flair, ‘80s synth-pop, and ‘90s grunge rock, Miss Machina’s sound blends elements of hyper-pop and punk rock, producing retro-tinted concoctions brimming with modern pop energy.

While co-writing and collaborating with other independent ​artists, Miss Machina is also known as a Twitch affiliate and ​internet content creator.

Produced by Eric Dash, “Like That” opens on a bouncy, infectious rhythm topped by deliciously sparkling pop flavors, giving the tune a pushing, buoyant flow. Miss Machina’s vocals, at once vibrant and dripping with luscious timbres, imbues the lyrics with tangy zest and contagious flavors. It’s a delightful and superb voice, brimming with effervescence.

Layered with potent impelling surfaces of polished pop, highlighted by the vivacious voice of Miss Machina, “Like That” bursts with gusto.

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