Music Premiere: Casey Ahern Releases Unforgettable “Bradley”

Casey Ahern

Country singer-songwriter Casey Ahern introduces her brand-new single/music video, “Bradley,” a track lifted from her forthcoming EP, Where I Run, slated to drop later this year.

Casey Ahern
Casey Ahern

Recorded at Sound Emporium Studios and produced by Nathan Meckel and Mark Niemiec, aka The Buzz Brothers, “Bradley” features the talents of Tim Galloway (guitar), Kris Donegan (guitar), Lee Hendricks (bass), David Dorn (keyboards), Matt King (drums), and twice Grammy-nominated Eamon McLoughlin (violin), along with four-time Grammy winner Andy Leftwich (violin).

Even though “Bradley” is a love song, rather than being about a person, it’s about a magical place, her family’s ranch in Central California, where Casey escapes from the turmoil of life and retreated on weekends during the pandemic.

Casey explains, “More than ever before, our ranch in Bradley has been a nice escape from everything that went on in 2020. ‘Bradley’ is a personal song to me, but I think everyone has some sort of Bradley in their life – a comforting person, place, or hobby that allows them to get away from their troubles, for at least a little while, and embrace something they truly love. This past year has been tough on everyone, but for many, it’s given them more time to spend with people they really love and reflect on the things that really matter.”

Along with the ranch and her innate optimism, the counsel of one of her flight instructors also aided Casey in navigating 2020: “Your number one priority is to keep the plane flying no matter what distractions arise.”

As the pandemic and lockdowns churned around her, Casey released two hit singles, streamed live shows via The Boot and Americana Highways, and captured sync placements. Now that circumstances are improving, she’s ready to sally forth with “Bradley,” a warm, touching country-pop ballad.

“Bradley” follows on the heels of Casey’s two most recent singles, “Didn’t Even Get a Goodbye” and “Sunday Driver.” The former song amassed 60,000 streams on Spotify, along with massive airplay from 54 radio stations and in-store placements in Macy’s and Abercrombie & Fitch. Whereas “Sunday Driver” picked up placements in Macy’s, Gap, and Old Navy, as well as 103,000 YouTube views and airplay on California Music Channel, Germany’s OKTV, and VH1 India.

“Bradley” opens on low-slung creamy colors, followed by the entry of Casey’s fragrant, honeyed voice, chock-full of alluring hues. A drawling steel guitar and gentle, sparkling piano imbue the tune with sweet nostalgia as Casey narrates the affectionate hold “Bradley” has over her.

“Bradley / The only one I love / When I’m in your arms, I don’t have to run / Bradley / Can make me break down and cry / At just the thought of sayin’ goodbye / You’re not the type I would just pass through / You could have a town named after you.”

Rife with luxurious emotional commitment, “Bradley” offers soft, velvety layers of music topped by the translucent timbres of Casey Ahern.

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