Music Video Premiere: Molly D’Ago Unveils “My Sweet Burning Heart”

Molly D'Ago
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Singer-songwriter and guitarist Molly D’Ago introduces her brand-new single/music video, “My Sweet Burning Heart,” via Wake Up! Music, co-written by Molly, Jason Burgess, Pepper Gomez, and Hugo Ferreira.

Hailing from Syracuse, New York, Molly D’Ago began playing guitar in grade school. Later, she shared the stage with The All-American Rejects, Pop Evil, and Teddy Geiger.

“My Sweet Burning Heart’s” genesis occurred when label boss Pepper Gomez became friends with Jason Burgess on Facebook. In 2019, Jason sent Pepper a rough track. She loved it and asked Jason if she could lay down vocals on the track. Jason said, yes.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter Jason lost one of his fingers in a work accident. Then Covid arrived and everything was put on hold.

At the end of 2022, Pepper asked Molly to listen to the song. She loved it and started working on the song with Hugo Ferreira, followed by recording the completed song.

Opening on gentle, layered guitars, followed by Molly’s passionate, breathy vocals, “My Sweet Burning Heart” mousses up to a delicious country rock melody riding crunching percussion and a cavernous bassline. The ebb and rise of the harmonics provide a lush matrix for Molly to strut her alluring tones, ranging from low and silky to intense, elevating timbres, at once slightly dreamy and oh-so evocative.

Visceral and affecting, Molly’s redolent vocals slice through the too-thin fascia of a romance on the verge of imploding, while the lyrics project a mood throbbing with the ache of need and desire.

The video, directed by Domonick Giorgianni, depicts a paroxysm of fervent emotions, mirroring the seething, profound storms of sensations inherent in relationships.

Highlighted by the splendid voice of Molly D’Ago, shining like a laser across the soundscape, “My Sweet Burning Heart” throbs with feeling.

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