Product Review: NEXI BASS Fuzz Pedal

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If you are looking for a great sounding bass fuzz with no fuss, then the NEXI BASS Fuzz pedal is a great one to check out. The BASS Fuzz is the next in a strong lineup of Hybrid NEXI analog pedals with a focus on creating vintage analog sound without compromise. While it fits nicely into the NEXI BASS pedalboard system, it can also be used as a stand-alone pedal within the conventional 9v battery or external power supply pedalboard setup.

This highly durable true-bypass analog bass effects pedal delivers that quintessential solid big bass fuzz with plenty of extras. It’s not fussy about where you put it in your chain, allowing for plenty of versatility and convenience.

When trying it out, I loved being able to dial in great-sounding multiple fuzz tone possibilities all within one pedal, which makes this a definite winner for me. Placing it on a moderate setting, you get a very spacious but robust classic fuzz tone that can take you anywhere in experimenting with different effects. While lowering the gain and upping the tone and volume knobs, you can quickly dig into a more aggressive crunchy fat distortion fuzz. There was no tone, bass, or volume degradation—that I loved—and I soon found myself lost in a monstrous riff songwriting session.

Other advances include a splash waterproof design, which is great for all those times liquid has spilled on stage. The large round foot activation button allows engagement, and it features simple intuitive and responsive control knobs (Gain, Tone Blend, Volume). The brightly lit surround control face makes it super easy to see on a dark stage. Built like a tank, it was designed in the Netherlands and has a sleek, modern style.

For those who are not familiar with the NEXI BASS pedalboard, it is a powered “complete circuit slot” style pedalboard with an onboard tuner that forgoes the need for conventional patch cables, assorted power cords or daisy chains, or additional sticky fasteners. You can quickly and easily add, move, or change out your NEXI pedals or use the ConNEXI adapter that lets you incorporate non-NEXI pedals. By simply clicking them into a slot on the board, you can create a seamless chain within seconds, allowing the player to play and use the pedal effect immediately.


It’s right on the money and a great sounding pedal delivering everything you would want or need in a good fuzz tone with plenty more. So if you are looking for a solid, dependable, great-sounding, tough built, versatile fuzz in your tone journey, then you’ll be quite happy fuzzing out with this one.

Its right on the money and a great sounding pedal, delivering basically everything you’d want or ever need in a good Fuzz tone with plenty more. If you already have The Plug and Play Solution Pedalboard then there’s no question, this is a definite must-have staple in your lineup and if you are looking for a solid, dependable, great-sounding, built tough, versatile fuzz in your tone journey then you’ll be quite happy fuzzing out with this one.

Price for NEXI BASS Fuzz Pedal:  $115.00
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