Queer-Fronted Folk-Pop Act Hanne Kah Releases Beguiling “Trick Me”

Hanne Kah
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German indie folk-pop act Hanne Kah recently released their latest single/music video, “Trick Me,” a song about the double standard within the music industry.

Hanne Kah
Hanne Kah | Photo: Jamie Winter

Based on the famous quote, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me, “Trick Me” mirrors a past negative experience Hanne underwent, where collaborators demeaned and treated her unprofessionally, leaving her feeling ill at ease and hampering her creativity.

The lyrics of “Trick Me” reflect Hanne’s encounter with gender bias.

“Trick me once and I will change my course from you to wise / Trick me twice and I will turn away from your black and white / And the night might be cold still I know that I’ll be alright / Fool me once fool me twice.”

As Taylor Swift said in a past interview with CBS, “A man does something, it’s ‘strategic;’ a woman does the same thing, it’s ‘calculated.’”

Because of the experience, Hanne and her band now work only with people she enjoys working with.

Undeniably on the ascent, Hanne Kah’s popularity is growing in leaps and bounds. Hanne Kah recently performed in the U.S., appearing at Kansas City’s Folk Alliance, and has been featured on Spotify’s New Female Pop Artists playlist, Berlin On Air, and UK Independent.

Their success witnesses the excellence of Germany’s pop music scene. Hanne shares, “My wish is that German artists are seen more and more on an equal footing with established international bands and that we don’t have to hide. Us women in the music industry are struggling with a wide variety of challenges and I hope that many young women in the music scene will be inspired so that more and more talented and self-confident women will assert themselves in the music industry in the future.”

“Trick Me” opens on low-slung, gleaming guitars topped by Hanne’s captivating voice, at once melodically alluring and dripping with delicious, nuanced timbres. Subdued, glowing harmonies imbue the tune with brilliant depth and dimension, adding to the song’s charisma.

With its upbeat, sparkling flow and latent optimistic mood, “Trick Me” reveals the talent and oh-so-irresistible voice of Hanne Kah.

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