Racyne Parker Releases Haunting “Make It Out Alive”

Racyne Parker
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Denver, Colorado-based singer-songwriter Racyne Parker recently dropped her new single, “Make It Out Alive,” a song about confronting inner demons, finding closure, and moving forward.

Racyne Parker
Racyne Parker | Photo: Mark Muklebust

Parker explains, “After experiencing a sudden and inexplicable loss last year, I needed a place to contain the anger that I was feeling. I needed a place where the scales were balanced – that place didn’t exist in the real world, so that place became ‘Make It Out Alive.’”

She goes on, “I wanted the song to feel more nuanced than anything I’ve done before. I didn’t want to hide what I felt at that time, but I also didn’t want this song to be weighed down by where it came from.”

Originally from Southern Oregon, Parker’s music blends elements of country, modern folk, indie rock, and pop, along with insightful lyrics and warm vocals into sonic concoctions drenched in authenticity and profound emotions.

A low-slung pedal steel guitar opens “Make It Out Alive,” dripping weeping, witchy dirge-like tones as a spellbinding acoustic guitar and a desolate whistle infuses the tune with visceral loneliness. Parker’s sad, evocative voice enters, slicing through with melancholic timbres, revealing the ache of processing the loss of a relationship.

Nuanced with eloquent affecting tones, Parker’s vocals imbue the lyrics with the dust of emotional isolation, the anguish of heartbreak. The undulating flow of the harmonics allows time to savor Parker’s expressive, deliciously drawling voice.

“No surprises, last page first / Upfront, no lies, truth until it hurts / Another chapter, another verse / Forked tongues, pretty words, unspoken bridges burned / I should’ve known, never could / Dare I say, got me good.”

Singularly vulnerable and intimate, with “Make It Out Alive” Racyne Parker offers a poignant song cocooned in her beguiling voice.

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