Video Premiere: Girls on Grass music video for “Got To Laugh” from album ‘Dirty Power’

Photo by Amanda Thorpe

Girls on Grass, led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Barbara Endes, release a music video for their single “Got To Laugh” from their new LP Dirty Power. The Brooklyn-based band features Endes, drummer Nancy Polstein (the Friggs, Cheri Knight, Star City), veteran blues/country guitarist David Weiss, and bassist and WFMU DJ Dave Mandl.

Barbara had this to say about the song and video:


“I had the opening riff first, then I developed the arpeggiated section I play in the verses. It’s the first time I’ve used such a textural style for the body of a song. This song is also an example of David and I handing the lead back and forth, which we both love to do and is something that seems to really energize people when they see us play live.

“The lyrics retell some early romantic emotional trauma, and my making a conscious decision to get through it by finding humor in the situation. They’re also based on my coming-out story which was… complicated. The second half of the story IRL happened in Brooklyn, so it’s fitting to feature Brooklyn in the video. We shot some of it guerrilla-style in the new Nighthawk Cinema before a preview screening of “Her Smell,” which as it turns out is strangely fitting.”

GGM Staff


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