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Nashville, Tenn. (March 4, 2022) – Indie-pop artist Brontë Fall’s Winter EP is available today. The BootWMOT Roots RadioMusic Mecca, Ditty TV, and Lightning 100’s the615 featured the songwriter and multi-instrumentalists sound and songs “Beyond The Rain” and “Outsmart Love,” ahead of release. Most recently, Brontë Fall shared the music video for her song “Beyond The Rain,” reflecting on her experience surviving the March 2020 tornadoes, view it (HERE). Winter presents Brontë Fall’s most personal collection to date and was inspired by “Fall, Leaves, Fall” a literary poem about finding beauty in the darker seasons by Emily Brontë, from which the artist takes her name. Listen to Winter here:

Winter is Brontë Fall’s third studio release and includes six-songs, all written or co-written by lead songwriter and classically-trained multi-instrumentalist Teri Bracken. Unveiling a deep and vulnerable perspective, Bracken’s experiences surviving a deadly tornado, a messy breakup and her father’s ongoing battle with cancer are felt in songs like “Beyond The Rain,” about waking up in a world so changed that it might never be reversed. In “Burning Out,” she compares a fading relationship to the fall of a shooting star and “To Be The One,” recalls real-life moments in her relationship when she knew the end was inevitable. She captures an empowering sense of self-redemption in “Every (Damn) Time,” and “Indiana” is a nostalgic retreat to the innocence of childhood.

In an effort to leave a dreary Winter behind, Bracken’s observations on this dark chapter in life ultimately opened the door for a personal reboot. The optimism is well played out across the EP with impressive musicality and vulnerable self-expression manifested through a wealth of musical atmosphere with bright pop electronica sounds, punchy percussion, synth soundscapes, and intelligent and shortened pop vocal phrasing.

Bracken will celebrate her newly released EP Winter with an album release show at The Basement (1604 8th Ave S Ste 330) on March 17th at 9 p.m. For more tour dates and information, visit

Winter Track Listing

1. “Every (Damn) Time” (Teri Bracken)
2. “Indiana” (Teri Bracken)
3. “Beyond The Rain” (Teri Bracken)
4. “Burning Out” (Teri Bracken, Stacy Antonel)
5. “Outsmart Love” (Teri Bracken, Isaac Slutsky)
6. “To Be The One” (Teri Bracken)

Produced by Jake Finch with Instrumentalists; Lars Thorson (Electric Guitar), Dylan Jones (Keyboard), Hadley Kennary (Harmony Vocalist). 

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