Shelley Segal on new album “Holy”: Who, What, Where, When, Why


Who:  My name is Shelley Segal. I’m a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and touring and recording artist creating Folk – Rock – Americana tunes. I write songs about my life, about people, and about things that get me riled up!

Writing songs helps me to process my world and also to engage with it–through my music, I try to create the world I want to see. Connecting with people through my music makes me feel worthwhile, and the way we can reflect off and resonate with each other makes me feel beautiful.

What:  I’m currently on tour promoting my new EP, HOLY. I also have a single, “Our Resistance,” that I released on International Women’s Day for the activist organization, One Law For All. It was very empowering for me to call my record HOLY. I grew up in a religious community in Melbourne, Australia where what was holy was dictated to me by others. By using this title, I am elevating myself and my experiences and hopefully empowering others to have the freedom to decide what is holy for themselves.


Where:  My songs are available for streaming on all platforms. I also have my music available on Patreon where I release new content to my subscribers each week.

When:  RIGHT NOW!!!!! HOLY came out last week, and I am currently touring the release around the US. You can see where I’ll be playing at

Why:  As Ani DiFranco sings, “I do it for the joy it brings because I’m a joyful girl.” As Kimya Dawson sings, “I’m not preaching to the choir, I’m singing with the choir.” I am singing for my choir, and it means so much to me. Music and songwriting is my life, it’s my religion, it’s everything I need to get through. I am compelled to continue on this lifelong adventure.

Emily Harris

Emily Harris is based out of Seattle and has been playing guitar since she was eight. She's worked in music, event, and content marketing for over ten years in Nashville, Seattle, and New York City, including roles at AEG Live, Beggars Group, Etix / Rockhouse Partners, and Artist Home. She can also be found at


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