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Car Astor on her new album “you say you love me…but i don’t believe you”

Long Island native Car Astor’s music can be described as an eclectic mix of electronic and Alt-rock. When asked about her influences, Astor says, “ I am figuring that out myself. Past releases have been scattered; in a way, it is hard for me to pin down a specific influence. I am trying out all of these things. My biggest influence as a child was Avril Lavigne. She was my introduction to music. My parents were also into music. I grew up listening to Radiohead and Fleetwood Mac. As I have gotten older, I am more into singer-songwriters like Jeff Buckley and Elliot Smith.” She stated that she did not grow up listening to electronic music, but she enjoys making EDM music.

I asked Car if she could remember the moment she realized that music and songwriting were going to be her career? She said, “I didn’t have a specific moment, but I thought I was going to be a drummer for a while. I was fifteen, at lunch or something, and I was thinking this is going to be my career. Then it shifted to me singing years later.”

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Rhythm has always been important to Car. Her latest, mostly acoustic album, you say you love me…but i don’t believe you, due out September 4, 2020, reflects her drumming background as she contrasts rhythmic guitar strumming with arpeggiated fingerpicking. Using a Martin M-36, Gibson D35, and the Omnichord, Astor captures and creates a beautiful array of emotion-filled lyrics and intensely powerfully flowing vocals. This collection of songs is thought-provoking and raw. Her vocals on each song demonstrate a strong and natural tone perfectly blended with the simplicity of the finger plucked guitar.

On her recent single, “Everything Stays Unspoken,” Astor exudes emotion, stating, “I wish we could be honest, cause all I have is nothing and everything….stays unspoken.” This pre-chorus flows delicately into the chorus. The harmonies build and intertwine, creating a rich and full body of sound that blends with the guitar rolling behind the music.

The single, “Without You,” is a cover of the Harry Nillson song with an intro synth sound and vocal that make this stripped-down version spacious and airy. It is a raw take on an amazing song. The layering of the vocals brings the song to the surface behind the backdrop of the simplicity of the synth. Car stated that the synth sound used on this song was an accident saying, “That was an Omnichord; it’s a quirky box. You play each chord by plucking a button. One of my friends has one, so I just borrowed it and recorded the song with it.” The Omnichord gives this song the nostalgic sounds of a music box that perfectly suited this amazing cover.


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