Country Artist Christie Huff on California Country and Female Influences

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Los Angeles emerging country artist Christie Huff fell in love with country music while a child in Arizona. Spending time between Los Angeles and Nashville, she has spent her time co-writing and creating music.

Huff has performed at the legendary Hotel Café, The Mint, and The Viper Room. She has had the opportunity to open for famed country artists like Jason Aldean, Billy Currington, Kip Moore, Toby Keith, and Bebe Rexha.

Huff’s latest single, “Love-Ish,” about new love, received 67,000 streams in its first week. Huff found her Spotify success with her first single, “Urban Love,” followed by “Black and White” which streamed over 3 million.

Huff fills us in on her new single, California Country, and women that have played an important role in her life.

Tell us about your new single, “Love-Ish,” which we love!

My new single “Love-Ish” is about the beginning of a relationship and just enjoying the company of a new love. Just seeing where it could lead and the excitement of the new possibility of love!

What was the songwriting process for the single?

The Songwriting process for “Love-Ish” happened so naturally! I got in the room with my co-writers, whom I really look up to, Mark Irwin and Aaron Eshuis. We started talking about life and dating, and I told them about a new relationship. I said, ‘it’s not love, but it’s love-ish.’ Aaron said he knew instantly that was what we were writing about!

We recently ran an article on California Country music and artists. What drew you to this genre?

I’ve always been drawn to country music; growing up, that’s all I listened to. It is the storytelling aspect (of country music) that I love so much and really resonates with me. I recorded my first two albums in Nashville and then moved to LA shortly after, so California/Country just came natural. I think that continuing to grow and work in LA helped influence my new sound of Country/Pop and the California/Country community is very welcoming. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to immerse myself in both LA and Nashville!

You spend a lot of time between LA and Nashville, which you refer to as your second home. It’s heartbreaking to see the devastation that recently struck the Nashville community. Being that you spend so much time there and know the community so well, what can people do to help?

Yes, I consider Nashville to be my second home, it’s absolutely devastating to see all the damage done from the tornado. What’s wonderful about Nashville and the community is that they stick together and support each other, whether that be in music or tragedy. It has been incredible to see the community join together to clean up and rebuild. There is no other community like the Nashville community. If you are in Nashville, there are so many different ways to serve and volunteer to help those affected by the tornado. Cleanup crews, if you have a spare room, you can offer that to people in need, donating food and hygiene products.

I unfortunately, haven’t had the chance to be in Nashville since the tornado, but what’s amazing about this day and age is to see the support via social media from all over the country. Even though I am in LA, I have been able to donate. The LA music community has also facilitated fundraisers to support Nashville relief efforts. So even if you don’t live anywhere near Nashville, you can help by donating online.

This month, we celebrated Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Share with us some of the females who have influenced you along your journey.

Happy International Women’s Day! I am lucky and have had a strong female presence in my life. I have a wonderful mother, grandmothers, three sisters, and soon to be, two nieces. My biggest influences are definitely the women in my family. My mother is the strongest person I know. She is a breast cancer survivor, a Doctor, and is an MD/Ph.D. with a Master’s in Public Health. Even though my journey with music is different from that of healthcare, my mom taught me that I can do anything, and as a woman, I should have the same opportunities as a man. My mom and the other women of my family have taught me what it is to be strong, hardworking, and stand my ground. All of which have been crucial for my career in music.

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