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Five Fun Facts about the artist named Bitch

Legendary queer music icon Bitch released her brand new full-length album ‘Bitchcraft’ on February 4, 2022 on Kill Rock Stars. Armed with her arsenal of violins, synthesizers, pulsing percussion, and witty lyricism, the new collection takes her sound in a new direction with spectral, heartbreaking, political, and beautiful witchy poet pop tracks. Bitch has been enthralling fans with her singular brand of performance throughout her career and the new collection takes her to new heights and makes you think about the state of the world, about evil politicians, about what it means to exist as a woman, and how to find joy along the way. Album single “Easy Target” was released alongside a video directed by Joey Soloway (creator of Transparent & I Love Dick).

1. Top 3 Songs on your playlist?

Joni Mitchell “Coyote”

Amy Ray “Anyhow”

Ulali “Mother”

2. First live concert?


3. Dream collaboration?

Write a song with Robyn.  Arrange strings for Lucinda Williams.  Do a talk show with Chelsea Handler.

4. Pre-performance ritual?

I do a breathing exercise that involves stretching.  I pace.  Mess with my broomstick.  I picture the air as thick, my legs as heavy, my brain very still.  I cast spells.

5. Interests outside of music? 

I love to cook and write poetry.  I love to draw.  Smash the patriarchy.


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