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Official release of PURE LOVE music video

photo by Drew Bordeaux
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Hi, we are Vanessa Silberman and Ryan Carnes, and we are LOVECOLOR.  We love music. It’s our favorite thing in the world. We met on Mars (there is definitely life there) and thought we both had a cool vibe, so we decided to start a duo that would be as cool as The Kills and Phantogram, and simultaneously as rock as Nirvana and as poppy as the 1975.

Okay, okay, fine.  We met at a holiday party in 2015, spent most of the night talking about our love of rock and roll, and then very naturally became friends.  We jammed a couple times, then ended up playing a few shows together in the years to come.  We officially joined forces in 2019, started working on a new musical direction together, and then late last year decided that it made the most sense to form an entirely new project.  That’s how LOVECOLOR came about.

photo by Michelle Lo Bianco
It’s been fun to start seeing how our mutual love of loud guitars and our roots in playing a lot of rock in our formative years — as well as both previously playing in rock-centric projects —  is now informing what we’re doing in what we consider to be more of an alt-pop, dark synth-pop space.  It’s a very satisfying journey, and we’re having a great time seeing where the music is taking us.
Top 3 songs on your playlist:
Vanessa:  ‘Obsession’ by Tea Eater, ‘Looking Good But Talking Quickly’ by Jasno Swarez, ‘Act Like Me’ by Waltzer
First live concert: 
Vanessa:  Live 105 BFD 1996 (No Doubt, Joan Jett, Local H, Dishwalla)
Ryan:  I was gonna let Vanessa have this one to herself, but then when I saw that Dishwalla was part of the bill at her first concert, I had to jump in because….. Dishwalla was also my first concert.  Thanks, Guitar Girl, for helping us learn something new about each other!
Dream Collaboration:
We have so many Producers, Musicians and people we’d love to collaborate with. Some at the top of our list are Dr. Luke, Rick Rubin, Howard Benson, David Andrew Sitek, Mutt Lang, and Linda Parry.  We also love fashion and would love to collab with All Saints at some point.
Pre-Performance Ritual:
Ryan:  Sometimes before a show it’s very hectic, sometimes less.  Regardless, I always get in some breath work and/or meditation.  I don’t like to be particularly social before a show, though sometimes it’s impossible not to be, if friends or family are turning up. No matter what, though, even if it’s for only 5 minutes in a bathroom stall, I’ll take some quiet time, do some rudiments, focus, and get myself as relaxed as possible.  The more relaxed I am, the more present I am, and the better I play — and frankly, the more I enjoy the set.
Vanessa: Doing vocal warm-ups helps me be extremely grounded and centered.
If I Wasn’t a Musician, I would be…
Ryan:  I would be one of three things:  a high school or college basketball coach, a national park ranger, or a real estate developer. Thank God I figured out what I want to do because if I hadn’t, I’d have a hard time deciding.  My interests are all over the map.
Official Premiere of   PURE LOVE Music Video by LOVECOLOR – WATCH HERE

Directed by Ryan Carnes
Edited by Carissa Johnson
Cinematography by Carissa Johnson and Brad Everett Young
Filmed at Fuel Heart
Concept by Lovecolor
Executive Producer by Vanessa Silberman
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