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Rachael Cantu talks of her New EP, “Love Rush”

The Guitar Girl Magazine staff recently had the pleasure of interviewing Rachael Cantu! This artist has had many features on shows such as Degrassi and Pretty Little Liars. Along with these accomplishments, she has also received undoubted praise from highly acclaimed media outlets.

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Rachael Cantu released her third solo EP, Love Rush, on April the 13th. With its deeply emotive lyrics and backtracking to match, it’s an album that is sure to pull at the heartstrings. Below, Rachel tells us about her excitement and musings for the new playlist.

On April the 13th, you released your third solo EP. How excited are you for the release of Love Rush?

This release was very exciting. It’s been awhile since I’ve put out my own music and these songs are very mine and very personal.

This collection of songs is saturated with emotions! Listening to it is definitely reminiscent of a soul-grabbing romance. What was your muse for this album?

Life was my muse. Accumulated love, loss, tragedy, surprise, confusion, awe…and so on.

When you write a song, how do you go about writing it; what is your go-to method- or do you have one?

It usually starts off instrumental and that sound will dictate where my head and heart go. From there, it’s a bit like a trance. Either a theme or feeling will just hit me and I’ll run with it or I’ll look to my notebook where I’ve written phrases or words and see if any of those fit the vibe.


Regarding your past musical journeys, what was it like to share the stage with the incredible Pat Benatar?

That was one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me. Her entire crew was so kind to me. They all made sure I was taken care of – asked if I needed anything. It’s not her crew’s job to do that, it’s the venues – so that just shows how welcoming they were. Her guitar player/husband Neil Giraldo (aka Spyder) even made me his own specialty show cocktail then brought me to Pat to say hello. Her audience was incredible to me, so fun, so full of energy. Then THE SHOW. The PAT BENATAR SHOW. I was side stage during the first couple of songs and after a while, I just had to get out into the crowd because the energy was pulling me there. I’ve never fist-pumped throughout an entire show with the entire crowd the way I did at this show. And I got paid to do it! Doesn’t get any better than that!

I read that you do volunteer work with the “Songs for Kids” foundation. What is one of your most impressionable memories from volunteering for them and how has this impacted you as a person?

Honestly, every day leaves its own impressions. It’s not just the kids that we come into contact with, but also the parents, siblings, nurses, and doctors. Everyone makes an impact. I do this three times a week and miss it when I’m gone. There is no greater therapy than a song you can dance to, sing along with, feel your feelings through or just get lost in. Music is so essential to the healing process and sometimes a much-needed distraction. Please check us out at

Thanks again for interviewing with us here at Guitar Girl Magazine! Best wishes in your future endeavors!
Thank you for having me! Keep doing the good work!

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