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Voices of Resilience: How Janis Joplin, Ann Wilson, and Alison Mosshart Inspired Chloe Lowery

In honor of History Women's Month, Chloe Lowery shares with us female inspirations who have impacted her music.

As a female artist, the rock genre has a special place in my heart for its power to evoke raw emotion. I vividly recall my teenage years, delving into rock music and being captivated by fearless women who broke molds and expressed themselves unabashedly through every note and lyric. Their courage has inspired me deeply, and I’d like to honor a few of these remarkable women who have influenced me in every way.

Janis Joplin: At 17, fresh out of high school, I was invited to join Big Brother and the Holding Company for their summer tour. For those unfamiliar, Big Brother was Janis Joplin’s first band, propelling her to stardom. My admiration and devotion to her talents and charisma began then and continue to this day. Learning about her classical training and her ability to access vocal nuances that only trained singers can achieve fascinated me. Janis’s storytelling ability and her signature rasp set her apart. I treasure the opportunity I had to share the stage with her band and to learn from friends and bandmates who knew her.

Ann Wilson: It feels like destiny that my birth month and year coincided with Heart’s #1 song in the US, “Alone.” Singing this song in various shows, from Broadway to PBS, has been an honor. Ann’s voice and technique are awe-inspiring. As a vocal enthusiast, studying her approach to singing has been a fascinating journey. She’s a testament to vocal health and longevity. Heart, starting with “Little Queen,” has been a favorite of mine. I attribute parts of my singing style to years of trying to emulate Ann.

Alison Mosshart: I’ve been enthralled by The Kills and especially Alison Mosshart since my early twenties. Alison’s captivating talk-sing style exudes a punk defiance that resonates with everyone. Her lyrics and interpretations drew me in immediately, and her live performances are unmatched. She speaks to my inner angst, and her bold and honest writing has inspired me to do the same.

The list could go on with Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, Pat Benatar, Alanis Morissette, and many more. To all these magical creatures and beacons of musical light, thank you for paving the way.

single artwork

“Get Through The Night”

‘Get Through The Night’ is the anthem of everyone’s inner dialogue spoken out loud post-breakup. That first night, grappling with the finality of a closed chapter, is a daunting experience. Alone with just your thoughts, it’s a journey to… get through the night.  ~ Chloe Lowery

Chloe Lowery’s new single “Get Through The Night” strikes a chord with its deeply personal lyrics and haunting melody, representing a journey of acceptance, closure, and the courage to confront loneliness. Following the empowering notes of December’s “Girls Like Me,” this latest offering speaks to fans of powerhouse vocalists like Kelly Clarkson, Adele, and Christina Perri. It delves into the heart’s resilience, emphasizing the strength found in vulnerability and the hopeful promise of new beginnings, making it a poignant anthem for those seeking solace and courage in the face of adversity.



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