Concert Review: Ann Wilson of Heart Bears Her Own in Buckhead

Ann Wilson of Heart at Buckhead Theatre June 6, 2017

The first thing that has to be said is WOW!

Ann Dustin Wilson is undoubtedly the Queen of Rock. Her presence is so deeply penetrating.  Even if her voice began to fade, her standing on that stage not saying or singing a word could just about be satisfying on its own.  But, that is definitely not the case!  Her voice is still mesmerizing!


For the last couple years or so, she has embarked on a journey as a solo artist with her own band, Ann Wilson of Heart, made up of band members: Craig Bartock (guitarist), Andy Stoller (bassist), Dan Walker (keys and accordion) and Denny Fongheiser (drums), while taking a little hiatus, if you will, from the band that has made her most successful over the last four decades, HEART!  Nevertheless, if you go out to see her, you will definitely not be disappointed!

The mood at the Buckhead Theater in Atlanta, Georgia this past Tuesday night, was nothing to sneeze about.  Ann and her band went through multiple genres including a few Heart songs, a few of her own and newly written songs, but also some of her mentors and greatest influences including, but not limited to, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and Aretha Franklin.  She also proceeded to do the most captivating version of Elvis Pressley’s “One Night,” and the reaction was clear that the feeling was mutual and her fans were more than happy to spend their “One Night…right there by her side,” as well.

The air was so thick with passion and adoration.  Ann, who will be 67 on June 19th, didn’t miss a beat.  It could almost be said that in her new setting and with her new deliverance to her fans, that she is more accomplished now than all of her years of being joined with her sister, Nancy, in HEART.  It’s a completely different way of performing.  It really is a heart to heart; soul to soul experience.  Her message loud and clear about being in the moment and only trying to experience today.  Just BE and be a “Fool No More.”  It was so intense but so comfortable, tender and true.  She sang many songs from the past that discussed: world events and troubles, war, love and loss, that you really just had to sit back and be astounded that those same songs from years ago are still so relevant today and her portrayal of them surely made them resonate.  Her ability to intrigue and “put a spell on..” multiple generations is quite respected.  She sings, also, “She talks to Angels” (Black Crowes) addressing and recognizing addiction and pain.

All and all Ann Wilson is a force to be reckoned with.  I do not think there is anyone that she cannot reach with her music.  She more beautiful than ever and being true to herself is really looking good on her and for her.  It is amazing, that after more than 40 years, she is still just as powerful, stunning, and just all around awe-inspiring!

Thank you, again, Ann Wilson of Heart for your “One Night” because it was so much better than a night of “Anguish” and being “Alone.”

P.S.  If you haven’t seen her yet or you couldn’t decide if it is worth it, lay down your doubts and go!  And if you’re waiting on new dates, “Don’t give up,” because hopefully there will be a leg three of this tour!

Set List – June 6, 2017

The Real Me
Crazy On You
What About Love
A Fool No More
One Night
Manic Depression
A Million Miles
I’ve Seen All Good People / She Talks with Angels
Don’t Give Up
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Love Reign O’er Me
For What It’s Worth
Ain’t No Way
I Put A Spell On You
Danger Zone

~ By Cartha Smith

Cover Photo Credit:  Tara Low

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