Reese McHenry on new album “No Dados” due out April 12: Who, What, Where, When, Why

Reese McHenry - Photo by Jillian Clark

Who:  My name is Reese McHenry. I’m a female singer/songwriter/musician. I have a new record coming out April 12, 2019, called No Dados. I’ve been a musician since I was a teenager, and in 2009, I was told I had a devastating congenital heart defect (AFIB) that caused strokes, congestive heart failure, left me unable to sing, and at times, unable to do almost anything. While sick, I was still struggling to write songs, record, and play shows sporadically, which at times simply did not work. With the addition of a pacemaker that runs my severed heart, and a great musical community around me, things started looking and feeling better, and I was able to put out a few records in the past five years, most notably a record with me fronting the seminal band Spider Bags, called Bad Girl. That record took seven years to make, and I have Spider Bags to thank for their never-ending patience with me and my illness.

For this new record, I have a band under my own name with three additional people. I play rhythm guitar, Mike Wallace plays lead guitar, Thomas McNeely plays bass, and Sean Dail plays drums. It sounds like four people making rock and roll music that is at once wonderful and spectacular. Just kidding. But it is forceful, passionate, and fun. I think it sounds like good garage rock with a pointed, angular singer, sort of like Roky Erickson, Janis Joplin, Steve Marriot, Beth Ditto, or Bon Scott.

What:  I have a new 13-song record called No Dados. We recorded it at the Fidelitorium studio in Kernersville, North Carolina over ten days with visionary rock and roll producer Missy Thangs. The record release will be at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC on April 12, 2019, and at King’s Barcade in Raleigh, NC on April 27.


Where:  One can pre-order this record at and listen to the first two singles.

Why?  This record is a celebration of this crazy, beautiful life, even and especially the hardest moments. It’s weird and astounding that we’re all here together, right now. We should probably party.



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