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Brand Spotlight: Copperpeace

Looking for a gorgeous guitar strap to embellish your axe? Would you like it to be a piece of art, rather than a plain leather or nylon strap? Maybe you prefer the look of sparkles or the edginess of denim? Copperpeace is an all-American company who handcrafts guitar straps from ethical sources that are sure to stand the test of time.

Founded in 2008 by Johnna Lynn, Copperpeace premium guitar strap company roots its design in Southern California music-fashion and has already developed a loyal following by musicians and artists around the world. With a degree in filmmaking and design from University of North Carolina School of the Arts, J.Lynn moved to LA to hone her creative roots as a Costume Designer and active member of the Costume Designers Guild.

Guitar straps and other music fashion accessories designed by Copperpeace are made from environmentally-friendly leathers and other materials. Each item is individually quality-checked by skilled artisans in the U.S. before being sent to the buyer. Johnna said, “They opt to use leather because it really does last forever, and it’s important that our products stand the test of time so they can be passed down and reused by the next generation.”

Each of Copperpeace’s high-quality guitar straps and accessories contain a signature “pick-pocket”, as well as a Copperpeace medallion. The medallion was originally meant as a good luck penny placed on each strap. In fact, the first few Copperpeace straps had a penny inside a clear pocket. Ultimately, the pocket that once held a penny became a pick-pocket and the penny became what is now the Copperpeace medallion.

Copperpeace guitar straps are unlike many others you’ll find today. Johnna said “I love meeting musicians who have never heard of our guitar straps and showing them in person what USA made quality is all about. I invite artists to our downtown studio all the time so they have the chance to actually try out the straps in person. It’s so different than just looking at a photo online. Once you feel the leather we use, there’s no going back.”


Copperpeace guitar straps are created from genuine baseball glove leather, which gives it a soft, supple feel. This high-quality leather is not only attractive, but will last for years to come. If you’re a girl who loves sparkle, the “Glovely” strap may be just right. This sequined guitar strap comes in a silver sequin face on black leather backing or gold sequin face on brown leather.




If you prefer a craftsman look, then opt for the “Herringbone” strap. For an edgier strap, the “No Exit” is black and white railroad denim that is highly durable, but will soften over time just like your favorite pair of jeans. Copperpeace also offers guitar straps using weathered leather, vintage style, and traditional black and brown leather.



Not only does Copperpeace make guitar straps, they also design gorgeous handbags and belts in soft, buttery leathers and vibrant colors. From “Black Noir” and “Whisky” to my personal favorite – “Red Lipstick” – each music fashion accessory is one-of-a-kind. The details on each piece are impeccable, with 24k gold-plated hardware and even a detachable “guitar strap” strap. With this feature, you get two fabulous pieces in one! The handbag is also a great travel tuck-away and can be used for valuables inside a larger bag. When you are ready to go out and want something smaller, simply attach the strap and voila! – You have an evening handbag.

As a way to give back, Copperpeace supports music education and proudly sponsors products for the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. The John Lennon Bus tours the country, offering students free opportunities to record, mix, and edit music. This year at the Winter NAMM 2012, The John Lennon Bus and Copperpeace raffled a limited edition “German Girl” guitar strap made of original embroidered fabric from the 1970s. It was part of a series of 50 straps.

Of course, many female guitarists love guitar accessories made for girls. Copperpeace guitar straps can be seen worn by many celebrities, including Michelle Branch, Lisa Loeb, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meiko, Sharon Aguilar, and Claire England of Brite Futures. Guys also love these guitar straps and can be seen worn by The Jonas Brothers, Band of Horses, The Avett Brothers, All American Rejects, Swichfoot, The Crystal Method, Yeasayer, Butch Walker, Weezer, and many more.

The straps are also regularly featured on the hit television series Glee and can be recognized in many films and commercials by the signature ‘pick pocket’ and copper medallion. Copperpeace’s latest accessory, “The Concert Purse” naturally connects the brand from musician to concert-goers.

When you are shopping for your next high-quality, fashionable guitar strap, be sure it has the signature “pick pocket” and medallion and you’ll know it’s a true Copperpeace.

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