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Backbeat Books Publishes The Guitar Amp Handbook

An updated and expanded guide to understanding
tube amplifiers and getting great sounds.

Montclair, NJ – There’s a huge amount of hype and mythology surrounding tube amplifiers in the guitar world. While experts have argued over the tiny details of tube amplifiers, and how their various components interact, the majority of guitar players lack sufficient knowledge about how the amp is affecting their tone. This new and updated version of the popular Guitar Amp Handbook is for all guitarists looking to learn more about what makes different amps sound the way they do and how to get the most from their amps. 

In this thorough and authoritative book, Dave Hunter cuts through the marketing hyperbole, myths, and misconceptions. He supplies all the information guitar players need in order to choose the right amp. “As a guitarist you will make your best music when you are in tune with the way the amp responds, when working together with it to maximize tone and playing feel according to what your music and your creative muse demands. If you haven’t put any thought into the feel, sound, and function of your amp before now, you’ve only been playing half an instrument. The Guitar Amp Handbook : Updated and Expanded Edition is here to make you whole,” says Hunter.

 The book includes: 

– How tube amps work
– Details of the crucial components and circuitry
– How to choose an amp to get the tone you want
– How speakers and cabinets affect your sound
– Profiles of many celebrated amps
– How to get a great sound live and in the studio
– A step-by-step guide to building a genuine, sweet-sounding Class A amp at home 

The Guitar Amp Handbook reveals the technical tricks used by today’s top designers and builders. It ends with exclusive, in-depth interviews with leading figures in the tube amp-building world – including Ken Fischer, Mark Sampson, and Michael Zaite. 

About the author:

Dave Hunter is an American musician and writer who has worked in both Britain and the USA. A former editor of The Guitar Magazine (UK), his books include 365 Guitars, Amps & Effects You Must Play; The Fender Telecaster: The Life & Times Of The Electric Guitar That Changed The World; The Guitar Amp Handbook; The Guitar Pickups Handbook; Guitar Rigs; and Amped: The Illustrated History Of The World’s Greatest Amplifiers. Hunter is a monthly contributor to Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines. He lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with his wife and two children. 

The Guitar Amp Handbook:  Updated and Expanded Edition

$29.99 (US)  
Inventory #HL 00128574  
ISBN: 9780879308636  
Width: 8.5″, length: 11.0″, 293 pages 

For more information, please visit – BackBeat Books is an imprint of Hal Leonard.

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