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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 8, 2021) – Blackbird Studio and Nashville-based developer of audio tools KIT Plugins (KIT) are announcing the BB N105 V2, the newest version of the first-ever channel strip emulation of the rare Neve analog console in Blackbird’s legendary Studio A. Delivered with precise sonic modeling, the unrivaled and powerful musical plugin was named as a “faithful recreation…” and one that “…completely delivers on what it was going after,” (Produce Like A Pro). Building on its impressive sonic quality, the new update features a multitude of user-interface features including a resizable interface, a whole new set of presets, including presets by renowned engineer John McBride, higher sampling rates, CPU selection, automatic gain control and more.

“We are really excited about this new update, it’s all about providing more functionality, and offering an incredible user experience along with the impressive sound of Blackbird Studio A. Creators can focus on what’s important, their creativity and workflow and have access to a variety of user-interface features and an impeccable sounding plugin,” said Matt Kleinman, CEO of KIT Plugins.

BB N105 V2 – New Features and Additions:

  • Auto Gain: Optimizes usability. As you add gain on the mic pre, the fader level now adjusts the output automatically to maintain approximate dB level.
  • Continuous Gain: Optionally removes the notched movement of the mic pre gain, giving user more control of gain level.
  • Numbers (0.0): Shows the exact amount (to the nearest tenth of a dB) of gain added or subtracted on each EQ band and the mic pre.
  • Resizable 3D GUI: The GUI is now full 3D. You can now click and drag the bottom right corner of the BB N105 to change the size of the plugin as well.
  • Fader Color: You can now change the color of the fader between black, silver, red, teal and blue.
  • Oversampling: You can now adjust the sampling level from x4, x8, and x16 for higher sound definition or to relieve your CPU of intensive processing.
These latest updates join the features recently released with the BB N105 including; the Mic/Line switchable input, the preamp saturation bypass, four-band EQ with High and Low Pass filters, the adjustable Output Gain and Phase flip, the ability to set analog noise level, and Analog On/Off modeled after the historic Neve analogue console in Studio A.

“As time goes by, and sample rates go up, and technology gets better and better, we are always trying to evolve, and perfect everything that we are doing. Our hope is to preserve the incredible history of this one-of-a-kind Neve console and make the sound quality and the user experience the best possible. We hope that the sound of this vintage gear will be an experience that is accessible to many for years to come,” added John McBride, Owner of Blackbird Studio.

The Neve console in Blackbird Studio A is far from ordinary and has been used to record countless albums by some of the most well-known, renowned music artists in the world. Built in the ’70s, the console underwent massive restoration from some of the best minds in the audio industry, making it not only unique but one of the best examples of its namesake to ever exist.

Users who purchased the BB N105 plugin will see this update available for free and will retain both versions of the plugin. For new users, the price remains unchanged at $99.99.

The BB N105 V2 Plugin runs on MAC and PC and is compatible with all DAWs that support the following formats; VST3 (Steinberg Virtual Studio Technology 3), AU (macOS Audio Unit), and AAX (Avid Audio Extension). Download a free 14-day trial version or learn more, by visiting

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