BOSS Unveils Nextone-Artist and Nextone-Stage Guitar Amplifiers

Next-generation performance amps with authentic tube tone and feel, four selectable power amp types, and deep sound customization features


BOSS introduces the Nextone-Artist and Nextone-Stage, two gig-ready combo guitar amplifiers designed with the advanced Tube Logic approach. Combining classic tube sound and feel with next-generation tonal diversity, each Nextone (pronounced “nex-tone”) amp offers multiple channels and instant re-voicing via four Class AB analog power amp types selectable from the panel. Nextone amps also include convenient modern features such as built-in effects, a dynamically responsive power control, and personalized sound customization using the Nextone Editor software for Mac and Windows.

Widely acclaimed by guitarists everywhere, the Tube Logic design approach delivers real-deal sound, feel, and response by reproducing the complex interactive behaviors of tube amps in every way. This process also brings valuable advantages for today’s players, including greater reliability, reduced weight, and maintenance-free operation. Tube Logic evolves even further with the Nextone series, unlocking access to deep tone customization features that are impractical or impossible with traditional tube designs.

With an easy turn of a panel dial, Nextone users can redefine the amp’s overall sonic signature and playing feel with the unique characteristics of 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34 output tube sections. Each selection re-voices the entire circuit from input to output, putting the complete sonic experience of these four classic analog power stages in one amp for the very first time.


Nextone amps also include built-in delay, reverb, and tremolo effects, bringing even more versatility and convenience to gigging guitarists. And with the integrated power control, players can experience authentic cranked-amp tone while matching the volume to any situation, be it home, studio, or stage.

Each Nextone amp features a dual-channel design with clean and lead channels, Boost and Tone switches, a three-band tone stack, and a presence control. With a quick button press, the user can switch the amp into custom mode and access factory-tweaked variations of the standard clean and lead channels. Players can further customize the sound with the intuitive Nextone Editor, fine-tuning bias, sag, EQ, effects, and other settings to match their individual style, touch, and pedal preferences.

The optional GA-FC foot controller provides a command center for channel selection, Tone, Boost, effects, pedal volume, and more. Alternately, up to three FS-series footswitches can be used to control various functions. There’s also a line out for sending a direct signal to a PA, plus a phones/recording output for silent practice and tracking sessions.

In addition to providing communication with the Nextone Editor, the amp’s USB jack functions as a direct recording interface for a DAW. Using the editor software, the character of the direct sound can be set to one of three Air Feel settings for a range of mic’d cab tones.

The flagship Nextone-Artist features 80 watts of power, while the Nextone-Stage features 40 watts of power and a slightly more streamlined cabinet. Both amps come equipped with a custom 12-inch speaker.

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