GHS Strings Partners With Eastwood Guitars


Battle Creek, MI, 22nd August 2018 – GHS Strings is very excited to announce that they have partnered with Eastwood Guitars. Not only will all Eastwood Guitar models come equipped with GHS Strings, but GHS is offering a number of custom shop sets for Eastwood mando, tenor and baritone guitars. 

Due to the rapidly growing demand for our families of Mando, Tenor, and Baritone guitars, we decided it was time to partner with a leading USA String brand to help support our customers needs“, said Michael Robinson, CEO Eastwood Guitars. “GHS stepped up to the plate and put together a range of string sets for all our “other” models, including flatwounds for our many short scale basses. Going forward, all of these models will come with factory installed GHS Strings. We will also offer replacement sets direct from our websites and our dealers worldwide to support our customers future needs.

I’m really excited about this partnership,” said Jonathan Moody, GHS Strings. “We field a lot of questions from frustrated musicians that have tenor and baritone guitars, that don’t know where to find replacement strings. With this partnership, we were able to work together and get a number of popular custom shop sets put together to help all of these musicians!

The Eastwood Custom Shop mando, tenor, and baritone string sets are available from Eastwood Guitars directly, as well as any GHS Strings Authorized Dealer.


To find out more about the Eastwood Guitars products please go to To find out more about GHS Strings and its products please go to

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