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Heritage Guitars Launches New Custom Core H-150– The Pinnacle of American Guitar Building

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN; FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER 2020 – Heritage Custom Shop is proud to introduce the Heritage Custom Core Collection. The Heritage Custom Core H-150 will be the first model from the new collection.

The Heritage Custom Shop represents the highest level of American craftsmanship and innovation – founding principles that have defined Heritage Guitars since the company started making musical instruments at 225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo in 1985. The new Core Collection is crafted using time-honoured techniques, premium quality materials, and the fullest attention to detail. Celebrated as an icon and time-honoured classic, the H-150’s defining qualities have been taken to new heights with redesigned construction, premium materials, Heritage Custom Shop 225 Classic pickups and carefully selected components making it an instrument of world-class excellence.

Edwin Wilson, Head of Guitar R&D says, “Heritage has made custom guitars in the past. Now we are establishing a new collection of Custom Shop Guitars. The attention to detail and commitment to the best quality, era-correct materials and construction is what sets the Custom Core H-150 apart. The tonewoods have been selected and carefully constructed for the best sound, playability and visual appeal. The Custom Core H-150 also features the brand new Heritage Custom Shop 225 Classic pickups, designed especially for this guitar.”

Key features of the new Custom Core H-150 include:
● Finest curly maple top and ultra-lightweight genuine mahogany back. Guitar weight guaranteed to be no more than 8.5lbs
● Nitrocellulose finish with vintage gloss, plus the option for an aged finish
● Fitted with our brand new Custom Shop 225 Classic humbuckers. Designed and wound in-house, these vintage-inspired pickups are tuned for the Custom Core H-150
● Best possible playability thanks to the top carve, 17-degree headstock and 4.5-degree neck angle
● The headstock has a holly veneer, featuring ‘Heritage’ logo and Twin Arrow inlay
● Other features include ’50s C-shaped neck profile, proprietary tuners laser-etched with the ‘Heritage’ logo and a locking bridge with aluminium stop bar tailpiece
● Ships in a newly-designed hardshell case, with a certificate of authenticity and case candies included

Inspired by music of the late ’50s, the Heritage Custom Core H-150 delivers the energy and excellence unique to guitars from that defining era. Edwin Wilson explains, “With this guitar, we are trying to create a specific era of sound, which means we had to approach building the guitar in the same way. That said, we’re not trying to recreate a specific instrument, to make you sound like someone else. You have to sound how you sound.

We want to give you the instruments and the tools to do it,” says Wilson. The Custom Core H-150 is available to order now and will begin shipping November. For more information head to

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