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Jammy Guitar, a backpack-sized MIDI controller, gets a Red Dot Award for Product Design

A successfully crowdfunded project, Jammy is a versatile creative tool for those who feel more comfortable dealing with 6 strings than with 25 keys. This futuristic guitar-like gadget can sound like any instrument if connected to a Digital Audio Workstation on a computer or smartphone. Thanks to a built-in audio processor, it can also play in a standalone mode — with nothing more than regular headphones or amplifier.  

Jammy’s technology uses separate sets of optical sensors for left and right hand, which has resulted in a unique design: having detached the neck and the frame, the instrument fits into any backpack and doesn’t take up much space in the bedroom studio. 

Combining bold revolutionary design with subtle references to classics that speak to every guitar lover in the world, Jammy has been awarded as an Innovative Product on Red Dot Award 2020. For more than 60 years, the award has been providing a platform for designers and companies to assess the quality design. Previously, such companies, as Yamaha, GEWA, and Roland, have got the reward for their products. 

Jammy Instruments, a music tech start-up behind the Jammy Guitar, focused on building and bringing to market innovative musical hardware and software solutions aimed to make music practice and creation mobile and accessible.

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