K-Devices Releases AutoTrig and TATAT for Ableton Live An Unique Approach to Multitrack Event Generators


San Francisco, CA—June 12, 2018—K-Devices, an innovative developer of music software tools, has released AutoTrig and TATAT, two new additions to their Out Of Grid (OOG) series of Max for Live devices. Each provides an inventive, non-traditional approach, designed to help create music, and control instruments and effects with a different time handling approach within the Ableton Live music software environment. Because their engines are audio-driven, OOG devices bring audio synthesis and sound processing techniques (such as sync, phase distortion, etc.) to the MIDI domain, opening up new exciting perspectives

AutoTrig is a MIDI notes generator designed to create mainly percussive beats and grooves with a different approach. Four tracks are driven by a common time resolution, so they will always stay in sync, but each track hosts exclusive time handling parameters and trig processing operators, to create complex structures. AutoTrig comes with a linear, clear user interface; simple to understand, but it has been designed to challenge the user.

In addition, AutoTrig uses the Live 10 multichannel feature, and MiMu6 (a free device included in its pack), to send audio trig and gate signals out to different audio channels, to control CV outboard gear. Detecting a MiMu6 device on the track, AutoTrig will automatically convert its user interface to deal with it.


Describing AutoTrig, K-Devices founder Alessio Santini said, “We created AutoTrig for musicians to get cool patterns and shifting grooves with just a few moves. On a basic pattern, the best experience is to tweak parameters live while listening to the immediate results: unexpected grooves and surprising rhythmic structures will emerge. Beyond triggers timing and processing, a deep snapshots section offers a wide range of possibilities: the user can store up to 4 snapshots, recall them individually: by hand, using automation, or by enabling the ‘Probabs’ (probability) toggle, which allows snapshots that have been selected by chance, according to each slider, to create extremely complex chains of events – always staying in sync, of course!“

TATAT is an (unstable) streams generator. It has been designed for three main purposes: to create always-changing sequences, to quickly sketch and store melodic ideas and to add unexpected events to fixed patterns.

TATAT is based on a multi-chance concept. The user sets up to three-time resolutions and up to four notes. Using dedicated multisliders the user can then adjust the chance a note and/or a time resolution are adopted on next trigger, creating complex streams of events. When enabled, a keys toggle allows the user set notes with a keyboard, by pressing and holding up to four notes.

A bichords section lets user to set two intervals and their probability settings, adding harmonic weight and mood to the stream. The generated notes are then processed by several operators: velocity, delay, length and less. The last section, called operations, offers useful for storing and stabilizing the streams, as well as the export of MIDI clips to add stable sequences to the stream.

Both devices come with a rich pack full of instruments, clips, and presets, with sound design by Ivo Ivanov, Piezo, and Stephan Bobinger. AutoTrig comes with a custom Push2 template.

“Together or individually, AutoTrig and TATAT will expand the creative palette for beat makers,” said Alessio Santini. “These are killer devices for users that want to go wild with time signatures, complex time, micro articulation, and experimental music, but they are versatile and easy to handle, and can become best partners also for creating catchy bass lines, straight beats, and groovy loops!”

Customers can purchase AutoTrig and TATAT directly from the K-Devices’ website: www.k-devices.com

Pricing is as follows:

  •  AutoTrig 29€  ($34 US)
  •  TATAT 29€  ($34 US)
  •   Bundle AutoTrig + TATAT 39€  ($45 US)
  •   Bundle MOOR + Twistor + AutoTrig + TATAT 69€ ($81)
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