Now Available in Canada: iZotope’s Spire Studio, a Portable, Simple, Professional-Quality Recording Device

Now Available in Canada: iZotope’s Spire Studio, a Portable, Simple, Professional-Quality Recording Device Spire Studio’s wireless, all-in-one design capture inspiration wherever it strikes


iZotope, Inc., Cambridge, MA—June 28, 2018–iZotope, Inc., the experts in intelligent audio technology, today announced the availability of Spire Studio in Canada. A one-touch, professional-quality, portable recording studio, Spire Studio enables songwriters and musicians of all genres to capture, edit, collaborate and share music. Whether at home or on the road, Spire is designed to be everything you need to go from a moment of inspiration to a finished track without the frustration of set up times and cables.

Changing the way artists record music, Spire Studio works together with the free, integrated iOS app to deliver a new kind of recording experience with a wealth of easy to use tools that showcase iZotope’s intelligent audio processing. With one touch of the “Soundcheck” button, Spire automatically sets the perfect microphone and instrument levels to eliminate distortion and clipping. Artists can record up to eight tracks, then seamlessly mix them within the Spire app for a blended whole that is ready to share.



“I am having so much fun with this. Sometimes I’m at home and I want to get an idea down fast, and I have never had a better device to do that with than Spire,” says John Taylor of Duran Duran. “It has just enough cool features to make my stuff sound really special. And then being able to transfer that idea into Pro Tools! It’s just genius…”

Using simple, intuitive gestures designed for phones and tablets, editing tools tighten up recordings, such as quickly muting and auditioning tracks to make the songwriting and rehearsal process easier. Artists can find their signature sound with iZotope’s studio-quality effects such as reverbs, delays and amp models. Consistent updates offer fresh effects, so the sound never gets stale. Tracks are easily shared with collaborators, sent to hosting and discovery platforms, or uploaded to storage services with a simple touch.

“Music creation is freeing; an artist shouldn’t be confined by the tools or the studio. We’re using the latest technology to help musicians focus more on creating, not the technical aspects behind it” explained iZotope co-founder and CEO, Mark Ethier. “Spire Studio was designed to help musicians make high-quality recording easy, inspirational and fun. We built this product in a way that translates what a musician wants into what an engineer would do, so you don’t have to.”

Spire Features & Capabilities

Simple, compact, and wireless, Spire Studio’s features and capabilities include:

●  An internal studio-quality microphone for a professional sound

●  Single button set up to automatically adjust recording levels, eliminating set-up time and unwanted distortion or clipping

●  Vast library of creative effects such as reverbs, delays, and amp models with zero-latency monitoring

●  iZotope’s award-winning intelligent sound processing technology gives recordings professional polish

●  Ability to add depth to your song by layering up to eight tracks per project

●  Freedom from cables via built-in Wi-Fi connection from Spire Studio to the Spire app

●  Battery operated design to record for hours on the go

●  Grace Design preamps for pristine clarity

●  Two combo jacks for plugging in instruments or mics with +48 V phantom power

●  Auto-syncing of tracks between hardware and software for seamless version control.

●  LED touchscreen to adjust volume, mute, and delete tracks without slowing creative flow

●  Intuitive mixing and editing to create a polished song ready to share

●  Ability to collaborate on projects with bandmates anywhere in the world—straight from your iPhone

●  Easy export options for music via a computer or favorite audio editing software like Pro Tools, iMovie, and Logic, or uploaded to storage platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Capabilities will also expand over time with continued updates from iZotope.

Spire Studio is now available for $449 at Best Buy, Long & McQuade, and Amazon

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