Limited Edition Product Series Honors Fender® with Legal Tender Coins and Silver Picks

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CASTEL SAN PIETRO, SWITZERLAND. (JANUARY 26, 2021) – PAMP, a leading bullion brand operating a state-of-the-art precious metals refinery, has partnered with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), the world’s largest guitar manufacturer, to launch a series of products in celebration of Fender’s 75th Anniversary.

Introducing the Fender® Sterling Silver Playable Guitar Pick, part of a series of unique designs that celebrate the brand’s heritage of helping artists create the world’s most memorable music. This collection encourages music fans to break musical boundaries and show their Fender pride, making it an ideal gift for music fans and collectors alike.

Used by some of the greatest guitarists, metal picks produce a distinctive and articulated bright sounds, the double-sided pattern grip, shape and 0.925 metal fineness makes it a durable pick. From playable products to special edition coins made to celebrate the love of musicians for a specific tool, PAMP x Fender pays tribute to the craft, artists and Fender fans around the world.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fender on such a unique collaboration,” commented Nadia Haroun, PAMP’s Chief Executive Officer. “In the past year, music has played a key role in bringing us together digitally and a morale boost. Just like the guitars and their artists, the pieces are eclectic and a true testament to our brands, heritage, and savoir-faire”, concluded Nadia Haroun.

“Fender fans around the world have long collected their favorite Fender guitars, gear and apparel; however, this will be the first time in the brand’s 75-year history that we release collectible precious metals products and coins for diehard music fans, guitarists and collectors everywhere,” said Dan Heitkemper, Vice President of Licensing & Product at Fender. “PAMP was the perfect partner for this endeavour, bringing its world-class design, creativity and craftsmanship to the collaboration. This is just the start of our 75th-anniversary celebration with PAMP and more 2021 product announcements are coming soon.”

Combining PAMP’s craftsmanship with Fender’s rich music legacy, the collection of coins releasing throughout 2021 depicts some of the most iconic guitars of all time and each product is priced under $109.99 USD. All  products are, limited-edition, Swiss-made, individually serialized, and some engraved with color.

View the 75th Fender x PAMP anniversary collection or contact the official product wholesaler, MTB, an MKS PAMP GROUP company.

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