MERIDIAN, MS — As the world adjusts to remote working environments, Peavey Electronics® proudly introduces the fully adjustable Smartphone Desktop Tripod Stand for mobile photo and video. As a sturdy yet portable solution, this stand is the perfect desktop companion for work conferences, social media content creation, and/or recorded performances. Suitable for any smartphone in portrait or landscape mode, the Smartphone Desktop Tripod Stand is a must-have for online content creators.

Last-minute work conferences or impromptu social media opportunities can leave smartphone users scrambling for a flat, steady surface and a flattering angle. Desktop surfaces often have limited workspace, while stationary objects used to support the smartphone don’t always provide adequate stability at the right height or angle. For users who don’t want to subject viewers to their chin or their ceiling fan, the Smartphone Desktop Tripod Stand is the perfect solution for the home workspace or studio. It’s also a reliable option for users who simply want to watch movies or stream videos, all while conserving workspace.

The universal clip accommodates any size smartphone, and can be rotated for landscape or portrait mode. Users can adjust accordingly for exactly the right angle, while benefiting from the extra grip of the stand’s non-skid rubber feet. When not in use, the Smartphone Desktop Tripod Stand folds easily for storage. Packed up, it weighs under 22 pounds, and measures roughly 21 inches high by 16 inches wide and 15 inches deep.

Creating and collaborating from home is challenging enough without the fuss of smartphone angling. Let Peavey’s Smartphone Desktop Tripod Stand improve the workspace simply and affordably at MSRP $19.99. Learn more and get a closer look at the functionality at



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