Product Reivew: Fender Frontman 20G Amplifier

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 20 – Summer 2022

In 1997 when Fender introduced the Frontman series, they delivered one of the most popular and affordable amps to hit the market. Over the years, the Frontman series evolved, and in February of 2022, Fender released the Frontman 20G, the big brother to the previously released Frontman 10G.

The 8” “Special Design Speaker” is powered by 20 watts of classic Fender power. A clean/drive button and a three-band EQ allow you to dial in some pretty inspiring tones. It has a 1/8” auxiliary input, so you can connect and jam along to your favorite tunes. And, I was able to get in some late-night practice without bothering my husband by plugging in my headphones through the headphone jack.

As a performing guitarist and teacher, I find the Frontman 20G’s ease of use, modern features, and great sound an excellent choice for guitarists looking for a small amp to practice with or to hang and jam with friends. It will also make a great amp for a beginner guitarist.

Selling for $129.99, the Frontman 20G is a great choice for someone looking for a quality small amp without sacrificing features and tone.

Price: $129.99
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