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Roland Announces Model Expansions for the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer

Series Debut Includes JX-8P, SH-101, JUNO-106, and JUPITER-8 Model Expansions, Available Through Roland Cloud in Q3 2020

Los Angeles, CA, June 30, 2020 — Roland introduces Model Expansions, the latest additions to Roland Cloud, and the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. Each Model Expansion transforms the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer into an entirely different instrument with its own sonic personality, features, and preset tones. From rare and sought-after classics to the designs of tomorrow, Model Expansions give musicians and producers unprecedented access to the historic and ever-evolving world of Roland synthesizers.

The series debuts with the JX-8P Model Expansion, with releases of SH-101,

JUNO-106, and JUPITER-8 Model Expansions to follow soon after. Model Expansions are hosted in ZENOLOGY for macOS and Windows. Later in 2020, these titles will also be supported by ZEN-Core hardware instruments like the JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm.

Offering expanded polyphony and boldly modern interfaces, vintage-inspired Model Expansions capture the essence of legendary Roland instruments with astonishing realism and authenticity. Each delivers the unique sound and experience of the original hardware—without the expense and maintenance.

For future Model Expansions, the possibilities go far beyond vintage. The power of the ZEN-Core Synthesis System allows for the creation of exciting new Roland synthesizers, from next-generation designs to hybrid instruments inspired by vintage synths or current hardware.

When hosted in ZENOLOGY, Model Expansions provide speedy operation and intuitive performance for music production in modern DAWs. Clear, re-sizable, touch-friendly interfaces are coupled with efficient CPU usage and high polyphony. Users can swap Model Expansions and load sounds instantly, with no disruption to their creative flow.

The first Model Expansion titles represent four of Roland’s most influential analog synthesizers from the 1980s:

•   JX-8P Model Expansion—Launched in 1985, the innovative JX-8P took analog a step further with capabilities that could generate tones associated with digital synthesizers, making it highly versatile. Scheduled for release on June 30, 2020, the JX-8P Model Expansion reintroduces the unique voice of this sought-after instrument for the first time ever. The user interface also includes the hands-on editing functions of the PG-800, a companion programmer unit that was available for the original synth.

•   SH-101 Model Expansion—Small and mighty, the SH-101 monosynth has been a key ingredient in shaping electronic music styles from the mid-’80s until today. It’s been reborn as a polysynth with the SH-101 Model Expansion, bringing new and exciting possibilities to today’s music creators. The SH-101 Model Expansion is scheduled for release on July 16, 2020.

•   JUNO-106 Model Expansion—Introduced in 1984 as an affordable polysynth for the masses, the JUNO-106 has risen from humble beginnings to become an all-time favorite of synth lovers everywhere, and its built-in chorus is the stuff of legend. The JUNO-106 Model Expansion is scheduled for release on August 8, 2020.

•   JUPITER-8 Model Expansion—One of the most revered polysynths of all time, the JUPITER-8’s lush, complex sound is part of countless hit songs over the last four decades, and its massive voice is simply unmatched when it comes to warm pads, strings, and lead tones. The JUPITER-8 Model Expansion is scheduled for release on August 31, 2020.

Model Expansions for ZENOLOGY are included with the Pro and Ultimate membership levels of Roland Cloud. All paid levels—including Core—start with a free 30-day trial of Ultimate, allowing users to try out software-based Model Expansions and other Ultimate features. In addition, any Roland Account holder can purchase Lifetime Keys for individual Model Expansion titles. This provides unlimited access for as long as their account is active, even if they don’t have a Roland Cloud membership.

ZENOLOGY, Roland’s expandable plug-in version of its ZEN-Core Synthesis System, is offered exclusively through Roland Cloud. Depending on the membership level, other Roland Cloud perks include access to Legendary and SRX instrument collections, ZEN-Core Sound Packs, Wave Expansions, and much more. 

To learn more about Model Expansions, ZENOLOGY, and Roland Cloud, visit

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