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The K3 Sisters Show Off the Guitars They Love Their Choice: Gibson

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 15 – Spring 2021 – Electrified!

The K3Sisters of Dallas have been taking over social media by storm and raising eyebrows in the music industry. The fourth-generation musicians each began their musical journey learning the Suzuki violin method at the age of four and even joined the stage with their parents’ band at that young age. The sisters shared, “Every time one of us turned four, we would go on stage with them and play a song on the fiddle with them and sing. It’s just been something we’ve always enjoyed that we’ve grown up with it. We are fourth-generation musicians, so I guess you could say it’s in our blood.”

Meet Kelsey, Kristen, and Kaylen Kassab. These multi-talented young ladies play many instruments and write songs of positivity and empowerment. Their latest album, Silver Lining, was released on February 14, 2021. The title track “Silver Lining” and the album are “about, COVID-19, how we’ve been able to prevail and how other people, if you take a look and don’t give up so easily, you can also find a silver lining in something good out of this situation.”

As their family has played Gibsons for many years, they are naturally drawn to the brand, but here they share with us their favorite Gibson guitars and why they are so special!

“Kristen is holding our 1954 Electric Gibson Mandolin, which we inherited from our grandfather. ‘This mandolin not only has historic value but being able to back off on my flatpicking work on my leads because of the amplification and tonal variety controls makes it a perfect fit for our non-acoustic songs!’” ~ Kristen (mandolin, banjo, bass, drums, percussion)

“Kaylen is holding one of our three Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitars. ‘I take most of the lead guitar rides during our shows, and what I love about this Gibson is the feeling of even string control as I move up and down the neck.’” ~ Kaylen (electric and acoustic guitar, fiddle, harmonica)

“Kelsey is holding our 1994 100th Anniversary Model Gibson Hummingbird, which she prefers over our newer Hummingbird model because ‘Each Guitar has a different depth and width of the neck, and this guitar happens to have a very shallow neck which is a perfect depth for my hand and makes barre chording incredibly easy for me.’” ~ Kelsey (acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, fiddle, percussion)

Silver Lining Tracklist:

“Silver Lining”

“Green With Envy”

“Love Fever”

“Life is a Funny Thing”

“Just A Singer (In a Rock N’ Roll Band)”

“Sticks and Stones”


Possibility Girl”

“Livin’ in the Nowhere”

“Yule Ball Blues”

“Dream Again”

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