Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 15 – Spring 2021 – Electrified

Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 15 - Spring 2021 - Nancy Wilson cover and Lari Basilio cover
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Interviews:  Nancy Wilson, Lari Basilio, Ally Venable, Paula Boggs, Plush, The Warning, Kiki Wong, Jess Garland, Kanami Tono, Sophie Burrell, Helen Ibe, Ivy Ford, Andie Aronow, and a “Tribute” to all-female tribute bands Judas Priestess, Priss, Zepparella, Iron Maidens, and Ballbreakers.

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Remember The Washington Post article that talked about the death of the electric guitar? Guitar sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic as more people are picking up the guitar and learning to play. Manufacturers have been scrambling to keep up with demand.

Fender’s 2018 study “Illuminating the State of Today’s Guitar Players” shed some important insights into today’s buyers—“Women continue to define the emerging guitar market, accounting for fifty percent of all beginner and aspirational players.” Based on our almost ten years in business in the retail and media industry, we continue to see a rise in young women interested in playing guitar. Today, there are many organizations empowering women in the music industry, not only as musicians but as producers and engineers.

And manufacturers are taking notice. Fender has rolled out over the past several months signature models for H.E.R., Billie Eilish, and Chrissie Hynde, with possibly more on the way. Gibson this year released models for Nancy Wilson and Orianthi, Ibanez released the LB1 for Lari Basilio, and Brian May introduced the Arielle signature guitar designed after the musician’s own “Two Tone” guitar she made with a friend.

In this issue, we highlight the “electric” guitar and the many musicians who have chosen this as their instrument of choice. There’s just something magical about the electric guitar—the many body shapes, the tone it creates, the feel of the neck, and the music it inspires.

We chatted with Nancy Wilson and Lari Basilio on their new signature models. Paula Boggs was introduced as the first Black female to sit on the Board of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, and she talks with us about her impressive background and inspirations. We hear from Helen Ibe, Ivy Ford, and Ally Venable on their music. The new all-female rock band from New York, Plush, fills us in on the band members’ backgrounds in music and how the band was formed. The sister trio from Mexico, The Warning, is releasing a new album and fill us in on working with producer David Bendeth.

When it comes to tone, Kiki Wong, Jess Garland, Sophie Burrell, and Kanami Tono talk tone and guitar gear. We’re paying tribute to all-female “tribute” bands with interviews from Judas Priestess, Priss, Zepparella, Iron Maidens, and Ballbreakers. Woman of Rock founder Andie Aronow shares with us what it takes to succeed in business, and Abigail Kirwan of Secret Swan Custom Guitars in the UK tells us how she began creating the most gorgeous and unique custom guitars.

Check out our features section, where we cover the 2021 She Rocks Awards, Believe in Music Week, the opening of the National Museum of African American Music, and share new announcements here at Guitar Girl Magazine.

For reviews, we checked out the Red Panda Tensor Pedal, the BOSS Pocket GT Effects Processor, a PRS SE 24 Custom in a gorgeous Bonnie Pink, the Snark Silver tuner, and two Fender instruments from the American Professional II Series—Precision Bass and Jazzmaster. Get ready to play these babies with lessons on rock guitar and mastering the minor scale. And, of course, we offer insightful tips and other fun stuff like our Gig Gallery, music announcements, mind games, and more.

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