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What’s New for Luna Guitars for 2022

Luna Guitars introduces new guitars, ukuleles, cajons, kalimbas, t-shirts, and straps for 2022!

In early December, we were fortunate to attend the Armadillo All Access event in Tampa, Florida, to preview the new products that Luna, Dean, and ddrum will be releasing in 2022, and we’re excited to share the news with you.

We had the opportunity to meet with Armadillo employees, Luna and Dean artists, music industry professionals, and several of our media family, so it was a power-packed two-day event.

Kicking off the event, CEO Evan Rubinson shared his vision of the industry, what lies ahead for Armadillo, and what was in store for attendees for the next two days. Of course, his trusted pooch was by his side throughout the event.

The extremely talented Luna artist Shevonne Philidor gave us an energetic performance on her new Luna Gypsy Exotic Caidie Acoustic-Electric guitar, which is one of Luna’s new products for 2022. Shevonne has a unique playing style where she incorporates looping, wah, and distortion pedals to create some really special sounds! She is not only a musician, but an actress, model, producer, and visual artist, where she shared with us some of her designs. She chatted with us more in detail about her guitar and playing while in Tampa. Check her out on Instagram @shevonneofficial.

We also had the distinct pleasure of meeting Sharon Cline, Master Painter for Dean Guitars USA, who was giving inaugural tours in the newly finished paint shop. What a treat. Sharon is featured in our Winter Edition, so be sure and check that out!

Now on to Luna’s new product launches for 2022. Adam Gomes, Brand Director & Artist Relations for Luna, filled us in on all the exciting new products.

One line in particular that caught our interest is their Vineyard Koa series — a series of acoustic guitars that offer many characteristics found on high-end guitars but at an affordable price. Three body styles — Grand Auditorium, Folk, and Nylon — feature solid tops, Pearloid inlays, rosewood fretboards, Eastern mahogany necks, Fishman preamps, and to top it off and make it a great comfortable guitar for playing, a beveled edge for the picking arm. These beauties are all priced at $699.00.

Grand Auditorium



Also new for Luna for 2022 are the Art Vintage Grand Auditorium and Parlor models. These acoustic-electric guitars have that beautiful vintage appeal with a gorgeous vintage brown burst finish on a solid spruce top and mahogany body, the pearl moon phase inlays which Luna is known for, and a Fishman Presys II preamp onboard tuner giving this series an overall warm tone. You can grab these models for the affordable price of $399.00.

Grand Auditorium


Other new acoustic models include the Henna Paradise Pack for the Safari Series, the Woodland Cedar Nylon Acoustic-Electric, Woodland Bamboo Parlor, and the Gypsy Exotic Caidie, which Luna artist Shevonne Philidor showed off for attendees, and we had the opportunity to discuss with her.

Not only did Luna introduce new acoustics, but plenty of ukuleles were also in the lineup. The bright and colorful Kauwela “Summer” Series comes in three different sizes — soprano, concert, and tenor — with one concert having a preamp. The artwork on these ukuleles depicts a Hawaiian summer with a sailboat, surfers, the Pacific Ocean, volcanoes, and the sunset, all in bright hues of pink, purple, teal, yellow, and black.


Continuing on, Luna add a soprano body to the Vineyard Koa series with the Uke Vineyard Koa with Preamp and soprano and tenor models to their Artist Series. For the ever-popular Henna Series Dragon symbol, fans can now find a Guitarlele 6-string which is built on a baritone-like size frame and comes with a Luna preamp.

Uke Vineyard Koa

Henna Dragon Series

For percussion, the Deer Cajon and Wolf Cajon were added the Vista Series cajons. New this year are Kalimbas with three different models — the Honu, Bamboo and Mo’O Lizard.

Deer Cajon

Wolf Cajon


Honu Kalimba Bamboo Kalimba

Mo’O Lizard Kalimba

Finishing off Luna’s new products for 2022 was a new line of t-shirts, a few gig bags, and two new gorgeous leather straps that were designed in partnership with Souldier Guitar Straps — the Paisley Brown and the Fern & Leaf Silver.

Paisley Brown
Leather Guitar Strap

Fern & Leaf Silver
Leather Guitar Strap

For full information, specifications, and pricing on all of these newest additions to Luna Guitars, visit their website at LunaGuitars.com.

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